Are you having trouble with Dead Man's Booty? I can help!

To be honest, I think Dead Man's Booty is the easiest challenge zone. There aren't really any huge threats that can take you out (Loads of graves, Too many minecarts, Early-game Chicken Wrangler Zombies, Pharaoh Zombies and Explorer Zombies), but not everyone is the same. But I can give you some tips, to conquer Dead Man's Booty.

Threats and how to deal with them

Buckethead zombies

These guys sometimes annoyingly appear near the beginning. This can be very annoying when all you have are single Pea Pods.

How do I deal with them?

Plant a Wall-nut in front of them, use an Iceberg Lettuce and/or a Potato mine.

Barrel Roller zombies

These guys are a huge pain when all you have are Pea pods. Their barrel is very hard to break, and they crush plants in a second.

How do I deal with them?

Freeze them with an Iceberg lettuce, then save up enough sun to plant a Winter Melon.

Captain Zombies

These are the biggest threats by far. Without a full strategy, their parrots can steal whatever they please. Super annoying.

How do I deal with them?

Without Winter melons, there's really nothing you can do. You have to let them steal a plant. It's hard, but not everything can be stopped.

Here's how you do it!

You will need these plants:

Now for the real test!

Pick a sun card if it appears. If you lost a lawn mower, pick the mower card instead.

Start off by planting a Twin Sunflower in column 1. Feed it with plant food. If you have the Imitater, plant an imitater in the same column. When a zombie comes, plant an Iceberg Lettuce right in front of it, and place a Potato mine in column 4 in the lane it is on.Do this for all zombies while you build up Twin Sunflowers. Fill up column 1 with Twin Sunflowers. Once done, plant TSF in column 2 and 3 in the lanes with bridges. Once you get enough sun, Plant a Winter Melon on column 4, and plant a Twin sunflower on the same lane on column 6. Once a non-bridge zombie appears, plant either a Pea pod on column 3, or a Winter Melon on column 2. If a glowing zombie appears and you have all 3/4/5 slots filled, use one on a TSF. Keep planting Winter Melons and Pea Pods. In the lanes with no bridges (Sounds like some sort of movie title), plant TSFs on column 4. Once you get your setup finished, protect them all with Wall-nuts. Now, use your sun on upgrading the Pea Pods. If a cannon appears, upgrade the Pea Pod on the lane it is in quickly. In two waves, you should have all 5 Pea Pods upgraded to the max. Your lawn should look like this or similar to this:


While it does say only "Level 11", I got this to work for 28 rounds, and possibly beyond.

If it's not working, here's a few tips:

  • Don't hesitate to use Plant Food or Powerups.
  • Don't overreact. Keep calm.
  • If you have more than enough sun, you have full plant food, and a glowing zombie appears, use your plant food to early finish a recharge instead.
  • Use Iceberg Lettuce when necessary.
  • If the tough gets going, replace a TSF with a Winter Melon.

Hope this helps! If you have any questions, just ask me.