You can probably beat the hidden minigames, but can you beat them like this?

These are the challeges!

Art Challenge: Wall-nut: Beat the game without imitater wall nuts

Sunny Days: Beat the game without clicking any big sun.

Unsodded: Beat the game without threepeaters, starfruit, or anything like that. Instants are available.

Big Time: Beat without .wall-nuts

Art challenge sunflower: Beat without planting sunflowers.

Air raid: Beat without blovers

High gravity: Beat without fume/gloom shrooms.

Grave danger: Beat without Grave Busters.

CYDI?: Beat while only digging up 5 wall-nuts.

Dark Stormy Night: Beat without Peashooters (You can use cactus)

Bungee Blitz: Beat without using Cherry Bombs.

Survival endless levels: Beat all of them 50 flags with a cobless strategy.

Squirrel: Beat without letting a zombie bite 2 wall-nuts.