Do you guys feel that the Endless zones are getting easy? Well, I thought of a way to make it a lot more challenging! This is a fan-made challenge. You basically play any of the Endless zones, but you have a lot more rules to go by! Here's the ruleset:


  1. At the beginning of the round, use one lawn mower before zombies start spawning. Do this 5 times until all lawn mowers are removed. You may not reclaim them at any point.
  2. Certain plants are banned (See Banlist for more information)
  3. You may not use your shovel
  4. Boosted plants are out of the question.
  5. Do not use powerups.
  6. Do not buy Plant Food. You may use plant food collected from zombies.
  7. Do not collect "Free Sun" cards.
  8. Do not use Spring Bean and Blover together. You may use them by themselves, but not together.
  9. You may not use plant food on sunflowers.
  10. Don't poop on the floor
  11. That's about it.


As I mentioned earlier, some plants are banned from this mode. Here is the full list:

Picture Name Reason for ban

Sun-shroom I banned Sun-shroom because I personally think that she is the best sun producer in the game. Therefore, you are forced to use Sunflower and Twin Sunflower. However, you are permitted to use Sun-shroom on Arthur's Challenge.
Power lily
Power Lily I banned Power Lily because she makes it a bit too easy to get plant food. You must use your Plant Food wisely in this mode.
Imitater I banned Imitater because of the fact that he can imitate several slowly recharging plants, making it a bit easy.
Tile turnip
Tile Turnip I banned Tile Turnip because he effectively duplicates plant food, eliminating the need to save plant food.
Winter Melon2
Winter Melon Do I seriously need to explain this one?
Magnifying Grass2
Coconut Cannon2
Magnifying GrassChomper, and Coconut Cannon I banned these three because they make Imps less threatening.

Current records

Moon Snail: Wave 13, Pyramid of Doom

What do you think? Too hard? Too easy? Do you have any questions? Tell me all of this in the comments, and feel free to make any suggestions. See ya!