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Everything Wrong with the PvZ2 plants

Since CinemaSins parodies are so popular on the wiki, I decided I'd make my own. I'll categorize each plant by world. If you have a sin you'd like to add, feel free to leave it in the comment section. Who knows? Maybe I'll add it!


  • Sunflower is listed before peashooter despite being unlocked after him.
  • Sunflower gets replaced by Sun-shroom in later levels.
  • Sunflower's almanac says "Youtuber Video" instead of "Youtube Video".
  • Once again, it says "Youtuber Channel" instead of "Youtube channel".
  • Wait... Those are puns... I'm adding sins for that.
  • Why does Sunflower's almanac have to display her toughness? Why not display sun production power?
  • "Sunflower Thinks She Can Dance" sounds like the most cringeworthy thing ever.
  • Peashooter says he's famous, meanwhile, he's not really that famous compared to Sunflower, Wall-nut and Squash.
  • Why does Peashooter drink a water bottle when he could just use a watering can?
  • "Fir coat" instead of "Fur Coat"
  • Wait, where's Cherry Bomb?
  • Wall-nut was apparently a bowler, despite being a bowling ball.
  • Both of Potato Mine's costumes look stupid.
  • Try saying "Spudow! did not happen overnight" with a straight face. I dare you.
  • They should have put "SPUDOW!" in quotation marks.
  • There's a pun so terrible that even the almanac cringed at it.
  • "Potato Mine Weeded out the competition"

Ancient Egypt

  • Why does Bloomerang wear a jamacan hat?
  • "As the first new member to your home defense team" But what if we bought Power Lily, Pea-nut, Sap-fling or Toadstool beforehand?
  • Does Iceberg Lettuce need two different kinds of earmuffs? C'mon, popcap... Costume Variety.
  • Iceberg lettuce was referred to as just "Iceberg" in that one PvZ book.
  • Iceberg Lettuce's costume is too freaking adorable.
  • Iceberg Lettuce can be frozen.
  • Grave Buster actually looks like a plant. Removing one sin.
  • Grave buster is scared of puppies. Sin for the scared-of-totally-not-scary-thing cliche.
  • Twin Sunflower used to not suck back then. Remember that? I remember it like it was just yesterday, when it was charged up right away...
  • Pun in Twin Sunflower's almanac entry.
  • All five of Bonk Choy's costumes look terrible. Really, Popcap. You have five chances, and you just blew them all? +5 sins.
  • Bonk Choy is an abusive dentist.
  • Pun in Repeater's almanac entry.

Pirate Seas

  • Kernel Pult has SIX COSTUMES! Overkill much? And only two of them are good. +2 sins.
  • Snapdragon's costumes are ironic. First, a firebreather that's a firefighter, then dressed up as a viking when he's a dragon, then dressing up as a dragon's prey. +3 sins
  • But Snapdragon's firefighter costume is at least funny. -1 sin.
  • Why the hell is snapdragon wearing a CUPCAKE!?
  • "The most powerful dragon in the plant kingdom" As if you have any competition.
  • He dreams of growing wings? Why not take some plant food?
  • Snapdragon doesen't heat up frozen plants.
  • Spikeweed looks gross with that green coloring.
  • TWO puns on Spikeweed's almanac entry? That's three sins for you, popcap!
  • Cha-boof? CHA-BOOF? CHA-BOOF!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  • What's an LP? Or are they referring to Let's plays?
  • Spring Bean has the worst costume ever.
  • Spring Bean is useless outside of Pirate Seas or in conjunction with Blover.
  • Spring Bean has a fan club?
  • Threepeater returned, but not Gloom-shroom, Ice-shroom, or Cattail?

Wild West

  • Split Pea is back, but not Gloom-shroom, Ice-shroom or Cattail again?
  • It's also even more useless.
  • How do you even trade eyebrows?
  • Chili Bean's costume is disturbing.
  • What's with the really short almanac entry?
  • "This may come as a Shock"
  • Replacing letters with numbers is sooooo 2006.
  • -1 sin for Tall-nut moustache.
  • Pun in Tall-nut's almanac.
  • Why does Pea Pod wear a fedora?
  • This plant literally exists to combo with Torchwood. Not that it's bad at that job, mind you, but...
  • Winter Melon can be frozen.

Far Future

  • Laser Bean's almanac entry states his laser eye surgery went horribly right, but doesen't state how.
  • Laser Bean spits a laser. Might as well give him red lips and make him say "IMMA FIRIN' MAH LAZOR!" at this point.
  • Blover's back. That's right, the worst plant in the first game is back.
  • Oh wait, she's actually good this time. -1 sin.
  • Blover looks so feminine, yet is a male.
  • Three puns in Blover's almanac. +3 sins.
  • +1 sin for making me have to find sins in my favorite plant, Citron.
  • Why is Citron wearing a blender?
  • Pun in Citron's Almanac.
  • Is Citron a boy or a girl?
  • Citron's plant food insta-kills gargs. -2 sins for pure awesome.
  • E.M.Peach looks creepy.
  • Almanac starts with a word you don't start sentences with.
  • Nobody is calling him "E.M.Pea" IRL.
  • Infi-nut's costume is barely noticable.
  • Magnifying Grass exists.
  • Magnifying Grass's laser looks nothing like a rainbow.
  • Why does Tile Turnip have a unicorn horn?
  • Triple pun in Tile Turnip's almanac. +3 sins.

Dark Ages

  • What... Is Sun-shrooms... Gender? Decide, Popcap! DECIDE!
  • Sun-shroom greatly overshadows Sunflower.
  • Why does Sun-shroom turn into jason when you put on her costume?
  • Puff-shroom has a timer.
  • Why does Puff-shroom have horns?
  • They didn't even try with these puns. +5 sins
  • Apparently, plants can eat Plant Food outside of battle?
  • Why does Sun Bean wear the Statue of Liberty's crown?
  • Puns in Magnet's almanac entry. +3 sins.

Big Wave Beach

  • How does Lily Pad square dance?
  • What is Tangle Kelp's costume supposed to be? Teeth? a bowtie? A demon trying to tear through his body?
  • Two puns in Tangle Kelp's almanac. +2 sins.
  • Why does Bowling Bulb have varying damage? I DEMAND EQUALITY!
  • Crocodiles don't exist in beaches.
  • Why is this plant named after what the plant can turn into instead of the actual plant? Why not call it Avagator?
  • Guacodile is perfectly fine with wearing the ground up flesh of his allies on his back.
  • He can walk on water, but never does.
  • "I'm pretty much the whole enchilada" THIS PHRASE MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!
  • Almanac is a hipocryte.
  • It is also mean to Banana launcher. It says Stereotypes are hurtful, but stereotypes Banana Launcher.
  • Oh yeah, almost forgot. Pun in Banana Launcher's entry.
  • Is Banana Launcher a male or a female?

Frostbite Cave

  • How does Hot Potato do yoga?
  • Hot Potato barely looks female.
  • Hot Potato wears mashed potatos on her head. Apparently, she's all for murder and cannibalism.
  • Pepper Pult doesen't have a costume.
  • Pepper Pult has no reason to have such a bad recharge.
  • Why not just use Winter Melon?
  • "Dude's got layers" Pun in Stunion's entry.
  • Also, this is just begging for Shrek jokes.
  • Almanac endorses torturing or murdering Stunion.
  • Rotobaga is a Starfrut clone.
  • Pun in Rotobaga's almanac entry.

Lost City

  • Katapulting
  • Why not use "Killer"?
  • Why does Endurian wear a football suit?
  • Endurian's almanac entry subverts the this-guy-is-a-jerk-but-is-really-nice-inside cliche.
  • Is Stallia a male or a female?
  • Stallia looks odd.
  • Gold Leaf won't work outside of Lost City, when Tile Turnip works outside of Far Future? I DEMAND EQUALITY!


  • Snow Pea is a premium.
  • Snow Pea can be frozen.
  • I miss squash's little "hmm?" when he notices a zombie. It's much better than that obnoxious "HMMMM!" he makes here.
  • Why is squash named Tracy?
  • Torchwood looks ugly with goggles.
  • Oh look. Torchwood and Snapdragon are friends because they're similar. Never seen that before... [SARCASM TEST COMPLETE.]
  • What's a tiki lounge?
  • What's a renaissance faire?
  • Why is Jalapeno wearing a sheriff hat?
  • "One spicy character"
  • Imitater no longer has the cool greyscale effect.
  • Also, why can't I choose what plant I want to imitate?
  • "Potato Stuck in a Box" sounds unimpressive.
  • Why does Marigold have an entry in the almanac when she never appears in-game?
  • I want Marigold costumes, dang it!
  • Starfruit is a premium plant.
  • Was that "WEEEEE!" really necessary?
  • Hypno's plant food effect creates a garg. -1 sin for awesomeness.
  • If you want a zombie to cluck like a chicken, why don't you... I dunno... HYPNOTIZE A CHICKEN!?!!?!?
  • Pea-nut exists.
  • Pea-nut is overshadowed by Endurian.
  • Why is pea-nut weakened for doing what he normally does?
  • Chomper is a premium.
  • Chompers idle animation (the one where he scratches himself) removes one sin for being cute.
  • So the plants judge chomper for eating zombies, but not Toadstool? Is this a double standard? I DEMAND EQUALITY!
  • Sap-fling rubs himself with his sap... that's... odd.
  • Sap-fling is just a dumbed-down Winter melon.
  • Toadstool is too expensive.
  • Toadstool has a vocal sac. Only male toads have vocal sacs.
  • Did you seriously make that entire almanac entry just for that pun? Seriously, Popcap?
  • "She's always the first to hop to it"
  • Strawburst is 5 dollars
  • Cactus is a premium
  • Five dollars AGAIN!? Popcap's gettin' really greedy here...

Gem plants

  • Why does Homing Thistle have a duck?
  • Ghost Pepper's almanac is creepy.
  • Hurrikale looks like a mixture between Blover, Iceberg Lettuce and Cabbage-pult.
  • "You could say Hurrikale is a 'blow-hard'".
  • Hurrikale wears a fox tail. Good luck avoiding PETA, buddy.
  • Why does Fire Peashooter wear a sausage?
  • People still use "Don't try this at home"?
  • Dandelion exists.
  • Dandelion doesen't have a costume.
  • Blovers and Hurrikales stop ihim from shooting, making him even worse than he already is.
  • Why does Lava Guava wear a flower necklace?

So that's about it! I haven't counted the scores, because I'm too lazy to. Remember to add your own sins to this list if you'd like. See you later!

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