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3,244 Plants planted since joining PvZ wiki
December 23, 2011
  • I live in Frozen Peak. *Sigh* One arena below the one for Executioner...
  • I was born on March 14
  • My occupation is Slicing through minions (The blue flying kind, not the yellow cylinder kind)
  • I am Really excited for the upcoming Executioner card in Clash Royale!
  • Moon Snail

    I thought it was okay, but they had no reason to make Carrot-Pult so OP. It outclasses Cold Chomper and Primal Primal Primal Primal Primal Primal Torchwood in every way! Ah well, at least it makes Neon Mixtape Tour Strikes Back somewhat easier.

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  • Moon Snail

    Hey look! Moon Snail made another crappy top 10 that everyone will ignore!

    Plant Food. Probably one of the best things added to PvZ2. It can make otherwise useless plants more usable, and already powerful plants even better! Here, I'll be counting down the best of these limit breaks, as well as the ones that are very unremarkable. The only rule is that I can't increase a plant's rank on the list based on how good it is with other plants (Which also means Spring Bean will not be appearing). Anyway, let's get started!

    To start off the list, here's a plant that, while not great, still has a pretty powerful plant food effect. Torchwood obtains more powerful flames, which go from doubling a pea's power to QUADRUPLING a pea's power! Even a lowly R…

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  • Moon Snail

    Hello! It's been a while since I made a blog around here. Now that Heroes has been released worldwide, I am now able to download it and give my opinion on it as of now. Since I've been focusing on the beginner quests due to being too shy to fight online, and have not purchased anything and therefore only having 5 heroes as of now, my opinion will be quite limited.

    Despite what I initially thought, this was quite a lot different from the "Hearthstone with PvZ" opinion I initially had. For one, there's a lane mechanic. Plants and zombies can only act on their own lane. Secondly, there are card categories, and thus, all cards are restricted to certain characters, unlike Hearthstone, where some cards can be used by all classes. Third, there are…

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  • Moon Snail

    Can't decide what to use in a level? Just want to have fun? I introduce you to the Layout Generator.

    The Layout Generator generates 8 random plants for you to use. ...That', really. There's more than a few problems with it, though. Such as duplicate plants. I can't fix that, sadly.

    If you'd like to try it, click here to go to it.

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  • Moon Snail

    For those who saw it, this was what my previous "blog post" was supposed to be, before I submitted it far too prematurely and made it look like a s***post.

    So anyway, since everyone's doing the same, I'm taking drawing requests! I haven't cracked out Paint Tool SAI for quite a while, so I feel this would be a good opportunity to do so!

    • Plants vs. Zombies (Plants only)
    • Pokemon
    • Other Popcap products
    • Neopets
    • Minecraft
    • Roblox
    • Super Mario Bros. (Non-human characters only)
    • Terraria
    • Bloons series

    • Undertale (I'd love to draw characters, but I haven't drawn any of them, so I don't know how well it'd go.)
    • Spongebob

    • Humans/Humanoids (Sorry, I'm just terrible at drawing humans.)
    • Adventure Time
    • Anything that would break the rules of this wiki (Obviously)

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