Moon Snail

aka The Supreme Archer!

  • I live in Florida
  • I was born on March 14
  • My occupation is Archery, Gaming, RP
  • I am likely never going to actually put my gender here.
  • Moon Snail

    Just a bunch of joke card ideas I thought of. Let's start!

    1. About to Nut

    Guardian, Nut Trick, 1 sun

    Shuffle 69 Small-nuts into your deck. Turn all plants on the field into Small-nuts.

    2.Growing Tricks

    Mega-Grow, Leafy trick, 5 sun

    All Mega-grow tricks that deal damage now deal 2 extra damage.

    3.Hyper Zombie

    Beastly, Monster Zombie, 1 brain, 335/335

    When played: Make Binary Stars with Amphibious in all other lanes. The plant hero conjures a Great Zucchini that costs 9 sun less.

    Cannot be played on the Tricks phase.

    4. Salt Pepper

    Smarty, Pepper Plant, 9 sun, 6/66

    Untrickable, Strikethrough, Double-strike

    When played: Freeze every zombie. This is destroyed if the opponent throws their device at a wall.

    5. Win

    Brainy, Trick, 1 brain

    Deal 70 Bullseye damage …

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  • Moon Snail

    This is based off of TheO's blog. I'm genuinely curious on how people feel about me. I promise I won't argue against any opinions (Though I may ask for elaborations). In fact, if you state a negative opinion, I'll try to improve on myself.

    (I'm not expecting any positive opinions.)

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  • Moon Snail

    Since the other two are based around troops, mine will be based around tricks.

    Just for fun:

    Moon Snail


    3 sun

    A zombie gains +2 health and cannot be frozen.

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  • Moon Snail

    Ladies, Gentlemen, and nonbinary friends, I have a new favorite plant! Everyone, watch in awe, the perfect plant!

    Magnifying Grass!!!!!!

    Now, why do I love this plant? Well, why shouldn't I? She's just perfect!

    • She does more damage than Primal Wall-nut!
    • She produces as much sun as Cold Snapdragon does!
    • She's cheaper than the fourth Tile Turnip!
    • She has as much health as Winter Melon!
    • She recharges faster than Gold Bloom!
    • Her chill effect is as good as Fume-shroom's!
    • And she can be used in more levels than Marigold!

    Seriously, this plant is simply amazing in every way! She's versatile, beautiful, awesome, and the plant for everything you'll ever need! Forget every other plant you've used, and pick up the amazing Magnifying Grass!

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  • Moon Snail

    Currently, I'm only doing this for PvZ2 english.

    • Basic Shoot Grass
    • Basic Sun Grass
    • Basic Wall Grass
    • Lazy Explode Grass

    • Basic Lob Grass
    • Boomerang Toss Grass
    • Chilly Burst Grass
    • Grave Munch Grass
    • Double Sun Grass
    • Rapid Punch Grass
    • Double Shoot Grass

    • Butter Lob Grass
    • Dragon Flame Grass
    • Under Jab Grass
    • Recharge Blast Grass
    • Burn Explode Grass
    • Bounce Sleep Grass
    • Rocky Jab Grass
    • Triple Shoot Grass

    • Back Shoot Grass
    • Fart Stun Grass
    • Zap Multiple Grass
    • Big Wall Grass
    • Stack Shoot Grass
    • Large Lob Grass
    • Cold Lob Grass

    • Beam Shoot Grass
    • Blow Leaf Grass
    • Plasma Ball Grass
    • Electromagnetic Pulse Grass
    • Restore Wall Grass
    • Garbage Rainbow Grass
    • Power Spread Grass

    • Grow Sun Grass
    • Short Shoot Grass
    • Long Spray Grass
    • Sun Corrupt Grass
    • Metal Steal Grass

    • Water Tile Grass
    • Vine Drown Grass
    • Bowl Triple Grass
    • Croco…

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