Do you know how players can recieve warnings on the x box? If they exceed a certain amount of warnings, they will have to start another account? That's what happened to me for bragging in suberbination. That's just the begining of the fun. I was on rank 313 when I was blocked. 

So I started on rank 1 again. I was a very goog player for a person in rank 1 because I am so experienced. So there was a game in team vanquish where the players are all on rank 90 and I was the only person on rank 1. I scored first place as a rank 1 person and all of the rank 60,70,80,90, were after me. On top of that, I got all the brags exept assist master. And my ratio from vanquishes to KO is 5.89. That is the best day for me in PVZ:GW.