Plants vs. Zombies Wiki

  • Mister Stay Puft

    Gunslinging Greaser Centre is set in the 1950s



    Diverts peas into different lanes

    Rock and mould:

    Slows down zombies that pass it.


    Creates a barrier out of dead zombies.


    Makes zombies lose their teeth.


    A more weaker bonk choy, but has long range.

    Attenborough Pitcher:

    A plant version of the chicken wrangler zombie, but instead uses rats.


    Basic Greaser Zombie

    Cone head greaser

    Bucket head greaser

    Prep Zombie: Gets faster each time its damaged

    Pompadour Imp

    Vandaliser Gargantuar

    Baseball bat zombie: Bats the projectile into another zombie.

    Motorbike Zombie: A strong zombie, but breaks down time to time.

    Mechanic Zombie: Makes Motorbikes never break down.

    Bird pooping Zombie: Makes zombies stronger when it fl…

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