With the introduction of a Chicken copy, I've been thinking...

Sooo many people hate on Chickens for being "too fast", "too powerful", "too dangerous". And while they are a massive threat, they are not OP. One person even said that Chickens broke a fundamental reason why zombies were used for PvZ games. "Zombies were chosen because their slow speed gave the player more time to react. WHY DO CHICKENS BREAK THIS?!?!"

Newsflash, a PvZ1 Zombie broke that rule LOOONG ago.

Remember that aquatic jumping zombie? The Dolphin Rider? It moves at around half the speed of Chickens, but has 17 health, that's 68 times as much as a Chicken, and jumps over the first plant it encounters. How many people do I hear complaining about this zombie, which gives you no time to react and almost no chance to kill before it jumps? Maybe I hear 1 in 50 people complain about it.

On top of this, Chicken Wranglers give you significantly more time to react than Dolphin Riders. They only release the Chickens upon taking a certain amount of damage, and they move slowly. This gives you plenty of time to prepare anti-Chicken defences before they get released and rush across the lawn.

Now, some of you may say, "but Dolphin Rider is countered by Tall-nut!" Yes, a plant that costs 125 sun. The same amount of sun as Chicken Wrangler's weakness, and it has a slow recharge instead of the fast recharge of the Lightning Reed. So it's easier to prepare anti-chicken defences than anti-dolphin defences, and you have more time to prepare those defences.

Another thing. You get Chicken Wrangler's weakness in the first level you encounter it. In the first level you encounter Dolphin Riders, you do NOT have Tall-nut.

See what I'm saying? Chicken Wranglers, while dangerous, do not break the game with their speed, and are not as quick to cause trouble as a Dolphin Rider, or a group of Dolphin Riders.

Now WEASELS are a totally different matter. Those guys are slightly OP, because they are superior to Chickens in almost every way. But some people are saying that they'll make Icebound Battleground harder than Arthur's Challenge.

Would you rather have every plant sheepified, or deal with large numbers of fast enemies that die in a single hit from melon splash damage? I find that in Big Bad Butte, although I need Lightning Reeds for early Chickens, once I have some melon spam set up, the Chickens will die from splash damage very quickly, and the Reeds have no use. This would be the same with Weasels, since despite their increased health, melon splash is still enough to OHKO them.

So, people are constantly overexaggerating the difficulty of Chickens AND Weasels. Seriously, what next, people overexaggerating the difficulty of Wizards? Actually, wait, bad example, it's impossible to overexaggerate the difficulty of Wizards.

P.S. On an unrelated topic, I replayed BWB Day 28 yesterday. After tapping "play event" because of a Yeti, I was annoyed to find it was in BWB. Then the objective came up and I mentally went "BUCK YOU GAME". Later on, I beat the level. And killed the Yeti while I was at it. I need to find a new level of BWB to constantly rage about. I'm torn between 16 and 21. I'm leaning towards 21. Cause that level is all kinds of unfair.