I know I've ticked off a lotta people by hating on Big Wave Beach, so I thought that to make up for it, I should talk about the levels and other things that I LIKE about Big Wave Beach. The things that stopped me from uninstalling PvZ2 out of pure blind rage.

Firstly, Bulb Bowling. They were fun, albeit difficult levels, unlike a lot of the stage which was just difficulty and no fun. Bulb Bowling was good, but Wall-nut Bowling from the original is still better.

Secondly, Day 26. That level can only be described with one sentence. It was one of the funnest levels I've ever played in PvZ, and the only time I particularly liked Banana Launchers. However, it's one of the few levels that I think would've benefitted from being HARDER. It was a bit too easy IMO.

Thirdly, Day 31. A level that looked like an absolute nightmare but in all honesty was fun and challenging. The difficulty was almost perfectly balanced, and is what I wish most of Big Wave Beach could've been like.

Next, Day 32. Zomboss never lets me down when it comes to fun, and the Sharktronic Sub was no exception. It was the hardest Zomboss fight so far, but, like Day 31, it was a fun difficulty, not a Candy Crush difficulty. The weakness to Tangle Kelp rather than Plant Food was not only creative, but so was the "charging" attack itself. All-in-all, I think it's my favourite of the PvZ2 bosses.

Lastly...Tiki Torch-er. It's torcherous but still fun (most of the time). The only things I really hate about it are the Low Tides appearing in 9 out of 10 levels, and not even the Zen Garden glitch can get rid of those Imp Mermaids from the seed selection, and the Surfers who are oh-so-horrible. The Endless Zones are always to some extent enjoyable IMO, despite being particularly tough at times. I don't think it's the best Endless Zone, but it's not the worst, that's Arthur's Challenge, and I still enjoyed even that.

So I don't hate ALL of Big Wave Beach, despite my raging. Some of it was really fun and the perfect difficulty. I just hope that in Frostbite Caves, most of the levels will be well-balanced like that, and based on the videos I've seen, only one or two in Part 1 seem particularly tough...even those don't seem unfairly tough.