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Vasebreaker Challenges

A while ago, I made a blog about I, Zombie Challenges. Now, I have a Vasebreaker equivalent.

Vasebreaker: Complete without planting Snow Peas.

To the Left: Complete without planting Wall-nuts.

Third Vase: Complete without planting Hypno-shrooms or Squashes.

Chain Reaction: Get three hypnotized Zombies blown up by Jacks.

M is for Metal: Complete without planting Magnet-shrooms.

Scary Potter: Complete without planting Torchwoods.

Hokey Pokey: Complete without squashing the Buckethead Zombie.

Another Chain Reaction: Complete without planting Tall-nuts.

Ace of Vase: Complete without planting the Plantern, Threepeaters or Potato Mine.

Vasebreaker Endless: Reach 1,000 Sun.

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