I guess it's time to make the list of best and worst zombies, isn't it? This is only for PvZ1, and is only two top tens, but that's still plenty of zombies. I mean, there really aren't enough zombies in PvZ1 to make two top fifteens.

Top Ten Best Zombies

Well, let's see what Zombies I like the most, shall we?

10th: The Diver

While not as good as the PvZ2 version, Snorkel Zombies were creative zombies that encouraged the use of defensive plants, as said plants are the only ways to leave them vulnerable to attacks for an extended period of time. However, the weakness to catapults makes them harmless once you've unlocked Cabbage-pult.

9th: The Sports Star

He may just be a high health zombie that's fast, but he's still a fun zombie to fight and he's not too strong or too weak. He's got numerous weaknesses but none are perfect counters, so he can always be a challenge.

8th: The Crusher

Squash Zombie was on the last list and...well actually, most zombies on this list were on the last one, albeit in largely a different order, but that's beside the point. He's more than just a zombie with plant powers. His increased speed make him unique among the Zombotanies and allows him to easily take out a vital defensive plant, leaving you vulnerable to Gatling Pea Zombies, Tall-nut Zombies or even additional Squash Zombies. However, he isn't as overly destructive as a Jalapeno Zombie can be, which is what puts him on this list.

7th: The Leaper

Pole Vaulting Zombies perfectly prepare a player for what is to come, by saying that the zombies are more creative than each one just having more health than the last. A new player may get confused or annoyed when it first jumps over one of their plants, but hey, it's still a fun zombie to fight that can be a threat early on without getting frustrating or being too difficult to counter.

6th: The Summoner

Disco is cool. Well, not really, but this zombie is. It's a creative zombie that can overwhelm defences that lack AoE firepower but without being too strong against such defences, and a good player can bring it down with minimal trouble.'s a little too easy for my liking, which is why it's not any higher.

5th: The Thrillseeker

Falling out of the sky to pluck a plant out of their pot and help the zombies eat your brains. Bungees are a perfect example of a support zombie, one that directly poses no threat to your brains but makes it so much easier for other zombies that it certainly serves a purpose. Umbrella Leaves can be used to counter it, but if you don't have them, you usually need to accept certain losses.

4th: The Climber

From an era before disablers were hated, Ladder Zombies came to walk all over our defensive plants, literally. Being short-ranged and limited to only disabling one plant type meant they weren't OP, but if they got to put a ladder on one of your defenders, then you'd have to either dig it up, blow up the ladder or use Magnet-shrooms, giving you few options...although still enough that it didn't seem unfair. Plus, Ladder Zombies must be congratulated on being the only zombie people have used to their advantage to make plants semi-invincible.

3rd: The Giant

Gargs in the original were well-balanced, a great end-game zombie to give players a challenge that isn't unfair. It's very powerful, yes, but not too powerful. It shows you that zombies can survive the supposed "insta-kill" plants, and shows you just how strong they can be, and provides a really fun few levels. Shame it's rather underused aside from endless modes.

2nd: The Space Ogre

A really powerful zombie, that's not too powerful, provides some rather unique challenges and does have an effective weakness if you can't deal with it the conventional way. The ice trail is the most unique feature, allowing Bobsled Teams to spawn and preventing you from planting until you remove it or it melts.

I both love and hate this zombie. But the love for its creativity outweighs my hate for the frustration it has caused me before.

1st: The Big Bad

Zomboss, as I said before, is always a joy to fight, and will never let you down. And in PvZ1, the battle with him is one of the best bosses I've ever encountered in a video game. It's fun, creative, and it's well-made. And bosses like that almost never occur in Tower Defence games.

Plus...he's hilarious.

Top Ten Worst Zombies

There are zombies I either think are pointless, or I hate here they are.

10th: The Other Giga

An often overlooked zombie, Giga-Footballers are online-exclusives designed to ramp up the difficulty of Survival: Endless and Vasebreaker. But...why? Regular Footballers would have definitely been tough enough for the online version, due to the limited selection of plants, and so...what purpose did they truly serve? Without them, slightly higher records would be possible, rather than it being basically impossible to go past flag 14 in S:E. I mean, seriously, that's just plain stupid. With regular Footballers, it would've been possible to go further, but not too far.

9th: The Puzzler

Well...he does like Sudokus...

Anyway, I honestly think that the shield zombies in PvZ1 weren't done very well, aside from Ladder Zombies. This is because...they really aren't very threatening. Newspaper Zombies were decent before you unlock Fume-shroom, and are fun to fight in Wall-nut Bowling...but won't really notice them, Coneheads tend to be tougher.

8th: The Machine Gun

Once again, a zombie that really serves no true purpose. He barely puts a dent in defensive plants, the insta-kill Zombotanies are designed to deal with such plants, and since he doesn't appear until the first flag at the earliest, he really doesn't have a chance to do any harm unless you're really slow to put up defensive plants.

7th: The Quadruplets

Bobsled Teams serve literally no purpose other than annoying people in Bobsled Bonanza. As much as I like Zombonis, the Bobsled Teams that actually spawn on Ice Trails rarely pose a threat due to how late in the level Zombonis start appearing...really, they're not needed for anything other than that one mini-game named after them...

6th: The Hothead

Jalapeno Zombies...I don't like them. For two reasons. 1: They are too easy to beat. 2: They are too powerful.

You read that right. Let me explain.

1: By the time they show up, are your defences really not going to be strong enough to kill them in time? If for some reason it won't die, surely you'll still have an insta-kill to take it out? In other words, what threat does it pose normally?

2: If it does somehow explode, it does WAY too much damage. I mean, really, Jalapenos are more damaging than my most hated zombie, and they would likely be my most hated zombie if Zombotany: Endless existed.

5th: The Door Thief

This guy is even less threatening than Newspaper Zombies...I mean just COME ON! He never increases in speed, you get Fume-shroom as soon as it's introduced, and the only advantage it has over Bucketheads is a resistance to ONE PLANT! Sure, it's a threat in Wall-nut Bowling...but that doesn't even make sense. HOW COME IT SUDDENLY TAKES MORE DAMAGE THAN BUCKETHEADS, WHEN IT DOESN'T NORMALLY???

4th: The Floater

Okay, I've said that I don't hate Balloonists before...that it's the fault of the plants that are designed to counter it, that it really didn't get the right kind of counter-plants...

But I can't let it escape a top ten on bad zombies.

Sure, it's only really bad because it has so few counters, but that's still reason enough to put it on this list. I really don't need to explain very much here. Heck, it's even not allowed in Versus Mode due to the limited counters!

3rd: The Water Vaulter

Here it is. The zombie that's half as fast as Chickens and yet has around 68 times the health and can ignore the first plant it encounters AND spawns on its own, rather than from another zombie. Need I say more?

2nd: The Worst Tank Ever

The Trash Can Zombie was designed mainly to be a Zombie Wall-nut in Versus Mode, as it's really slow and really tough and quite cheap in that mode. It was supposed to be able to tank loads of damage, and, it can...


Why couldn't it wear the trash can on its head instead? Make it an actual threat, rather than a shield zombie that has too many weaknesses to count?

If George Fan was involved in different versions of PvZ on other consoles, how did he let this guy be a shield zombie when it is so obvious it should be a helmet zombie?

Just...HOW??? BUCKING HOW???

1st: The Obvious One

I have explained on so many occasions why I despise this guy. Let me sum it up with CAPS LOCK!



Column Like You See 'Em: UGH, Y U RUIN DIS FUN GAME???


Deep breaths...and...reeelaaax...

There we go, I feel so much better now. But yeah, Jack-in-the-Box Zombies are the bane of my existence, they deserve to go rot in a grave...wait, they already have. They are my most hated zombie of THE ENTIRE PVZ SERIES, not just PvZ1. And now, I've got this list out of the way, so I can move onto the top fifteen plants in PvZ2!