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The evil army of Pea plants is attacking.

Beet: "Argh! Peashooter! Aspearagus, shoot them!"

Aspearagus: "We need to retreat!"

Wall-nut: "I'll try and block their shots!"

Tails: "Let's go!"

Evil Gatling Pea: "Follow them!"

An Evil Repeater: "Look sir, it's Evil Sonic!"

Evil Gatling Pea: "Oh no! We must retreat! We cannot beat him!"

Evil Peashooters and Repeaters: "Yes sir!"

Evil Sonic: "That other Sonic, Tails and Amy won't get away!!!"

Evil Tails: "Let's take my Tornado Plane."

Evil Sonic: "Okay, you, me and Amy will chase them in the plane."

Evil Knuckles: "I'll guard the other Knuckles."

Evil Sonic: "Yes, I was about to say that." The good guys are running away, and Tails is trying to communicate with the Angry Birds.

Tails: "Birds, can you attack their plane?"

Red: "I understood what you said, so that communication device must be working, but no, I can't! We need a slingshot!"

Peashooter: "How about I shoot you two up there?"

Red: "That might work!"

Peashooter shoots Red and then Chuck up at the plane.

Aspearagus: "I'll try and shoot my spears at their plane. I might be able to damage it."

On the plane Red and Chuck are distracting Evil Tails.

Evil Tails: "STOP IT!!! Or we'll kill the white bird and big red bird we've captured. Well, we'll kill them anyway, but maybe we'll make two watch."

Red and Chuck continue distracting Evil Tails.

Evil Sonic: "That's it! Take this!"

Evil Sonic throws the birds off of the plane, just as it gets shot.

Evil Tails: "We're going to crash!"

Evil Amy: "Those guys are just trouble!"

Aspearagus: "I hit their plane, and I must have hit their engine or something, because they're crashing!"

Tails: "Good! Now, Knuckles is this way!"

They get to where Knuckles is being held captive, and find Matilda the White Bird and Terence the Big Red Bird. Red and Chuck catch up and see Matilda and Terence.

Red: "OOH, NOW I'M ANGRY!!!!!"

He charges around the room, as both Knuckles take cover.

Matilda: "Calm down Red!"

Sunflower: "Look, it's Knuckles, and Evil Knuckles!"

Peashooter: "But they both look the same, how will we tell them apart?"

Beet: "Shall I beet them up?"

Aspearagus: "Oh be quiet!"

Amy: "Hey Knux, which one are you?"

Both: "I'm your Knuckles!"

One of them: "No you're not! I'm the real one!"

The other: "I'm the real one, you're the evil one!"

Sonic: "Hey Knucklehead..."


Sonic: "That's the real one, because the other one is getting out some kind of gun!"

Aspearagus shoots the gun out of Evil Knuckles hand.

Evil Knuckles: "No!"

Tails: "Quickly, everyone! Through this portal! It'll take us back to the PvZ Universe!"

They go back through and Evil Knuckles tries to follow but Terence charges at him, knocking him out.

To be continued...