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Three Worlds Collide Again! Part 3: Searching for Knux

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Everyone comes out of a portal in a strange universe. There are lots of strange turtle-things. Perhaps Koopas...

Aspearagus: "Where are we?"

Peashooter: "These guys look like the Koopas that came from Mario's Universe!"

Tails: "Well that's where we are."

Beet: "Can I beet them up?"

Peashooter: "Yes, they're enemies, and they're heading this way!"

Aspearagus and Peashooter shoot most of the Koopas, but a few get close, and Beet fights them.

Sonic: "Maybe we should find Mario and..."

Tails: "No, it's best for people to stay in their own universe."

Peashooter: "We need all the help we can get."

Wall-nut: "Yeah."

Sunflower: "Hey, we can do it! We always do!"

Red: "I can understand about half the things they're saying, but I'm still not sure what they're doing."

Chuck: "Sir, we should have stayed. We shouldn't have gone through the portal."

Red: "I make the decisions around here!"

More Koopas show up, but they are running away from something.

Amy: "TAKE THIS!!!"

Peashooter: "Amy's back?!"

Tails: "She must have gone through a portal by accident."

Sonic: "Quickly Tails, where do we go next?"

Tails: "Through that portal, over there, but we need any help from people who are already in the wrong universes."

Wall-nut: "Well Sonic, your girlfriend's back!"

Aspearagus: "She's his girlfriend?"

Sunflower: "Not really."

Amy: "Hi Sonic! I didn't expect to see you here!"

Sonic: "Oh can we just leave her here?"

Amy: "No you can't!"

Tails: "Let's go already!"

Everyone goes through the portal and ends up in another universe. A very strange one.

Tails: "It seems we're in a universe where all the adventures in our universes are video games and television series. And we're in some sort of 'Wiki' about Plants vs. Zombies!"

Beet: "Wait, so everyone here has played a game where plants like us are battling zombies?"

Aspearagus: "That's what he said!"

MeVsZombiesMeWin: "WHAT THE??? Oh no, Sonic! Oh yes, plants from PvZ! And Angry Birds...YOU RIPPED OFF CRUSH THE CASTLE!!!!!"

Milesprower2: "TAILS? Plants? Angry Birds? Oh, and MVZMW, they DIDN'T RIP OFF THAT GAME!!!!!"

Sunflower: "Hello, could you help us?"

Tails explains what's happening.

Milesprower2: "Hey, do you want me to tell you about the Angry Birds? It could help you communicate with them, and, well, help you save every universe."

Red: "I think that guy is going to tell the plants and animals about us."

Chuck: "And try to help them communicate with us!"

Peashooter: "Hey, have any other plants shown up?"

Milesprower2: "No, but Kirby, Mario, Yoshi, Zelda, Knuckles and Shadow have appeared. All of them have gone too."

Hoanganhminh: "I think Knuckles went through that portal over there."

After learning about the Angry Birds, the Plants, Angry Birds and Sonic characters go through the portal.

Milesprower2: "I can't believe I met Tails!"

MVZMW: "Hey, I met Mario earlier, and I'm not that excited."

In the next universe...

Tails: "Okay, we're evil universe? What does that mean?"

Peashooter: "Maybe everyone here is evil?"

Aspearagus: "Maybe..."

Amy: "What would be the definition of evil here then?"

Beet: "Anyone who kills mercilessly."

Sunflower: "We'd better go right away."

Tails: "Actually, Knuckles is here still. We can't leave without him."

Evil Gatling Pea: "Soldiers, attack them! Kill them mercilessly!"

Evil Peashooters and Repeaters: "Yes sir!"

The army starts attacking and another evil army shows up...

Evil Sonic: "Tails, Knux, Amy, get them! We can't let them find the other Knux. Until we kill him of course."

Sunflower: "Well at least we know where Knuckles is now."

Wall-nut: "They've captured him!"

Tails: "And we need to rescue him before they kill him!"

To be continued...

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