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Aspearagus: "Okay, what exactly is happening?"

Tails: "Months ago, our enemy, Dr. Eggman, caused three universes to merge with an experiment. Our universe, this universe and another universe, but not the one these birds are from."

Peashooter: "We defeated Dr. Zomboss, Dr. Eggman and the other villain, Bowser."

Tails: "I managed to seperate the universes and return things to normal. For a while. It seems that the universes weren't fully seperated. These portals are emerging, causing different universes to link up. The problem is, if this goes on much longer, all the affected universes will become so intertwined that they will be destroyed."

Sonic: "Wait, that means that every moment we stand around doing nothing the universes could collapse?!"

Tails: "Yes, and the chances of that happening go up every second, until it does happen."

Sunflower: "How do we stop it?"

Red: "What are they saying? Can you understand it?"

Chuck: "Nope."

Tails: "If we find the source of the portals, we might be able to stop it."

Beet: "Well where's the source? Do I need to beet it up?"

Tails: "It will be where I seperated the universes. Zomboss's Lab."

Peashooter: "We need some Flower Pots so you can carry us."

Aspearagus: "There are some in the RV."

Within seconds, Sonic collects the Flower Pots and puts the Plants in them.

Aspearagus: "How are you so fast?"

Tails: "You know, I never thought to ask him."

Sunflower: "Collect the Wall-nut Seed Packet in the RV too!"

Sonic gets the Seed Packet, and plants a Wall-nut in a Flower Pot.

Wall-nut: "HI! Hi Beet, hi Aspearagus, hi Sonic...wait, SONIC?!?!"

They explain the situation to Wall-nut.

Wall-nut: "That's great! Just great! Those Portals are endangering the universe?"

Tails: "Several universes. Countless universes."

Sonic: "You know, Knuckles has been awfully quiet."

Tails: "Where is he? He's gone!"

Peashooter: "What if he went through a Portal by accident?"

Tails: "That's bad, we would have no way of finding him! Wait, maybe I can track him with the device I used to scan the portals. I might even be able to get information about each universe as we go. Let's just make a few tweaks to it..."

When he's finished modifying the device...

Tails: "Okay, it now doubles as a translator as well. I should be able to communicate with the birds now!"

Red: "What did he say?"

Chuck: "I think it was 'Over nope doubling as a language too. I can possibly talk with the air now'"

Red: "Maybe that's a translation device, and it isn't working properly yet."

Sonic: "Tails, I can vaguely understand what they're saying, but it isn't working properly."

Tails: "Oh this is like the Wisps all over again!"

Sonic: "Keep working on it."

Aspearagus: "So, what's the plan?"

Peashooter: "I think we need to go through the Portals to find Knuckles."

Tails: "Yes, you're right!"

Some strange Zombies appear, and they have robotic implants!

Aspearagus: "What ARE those Zombies?"

Tails: "I think Eggman is using implants to control them, and make them more powerful! We need to get out of here!"

Red: "I think they're about to go through the portals!"

Chuck: "We're not going to go with them, are we?"

Red: "We need to find the eggs...but I think they can help us. We'll stay with them."

Chuck: "But sir!"

Red: "That's an order!"

Tails: "It shouldn't be hard to find our way back here, as this universe is the centre of the problems. There are more portals leading here than anywhere else."

Peashooter: "Well what're we waiting for? Let's go!"

They jump into the nearest portal.

To be continued...