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The good guys are about to battle the villains. It's night-time now.

Dr. Zomboss: "Because I'm nice, I'll let Bowser have his turn first."

Bowser: "I've been waiting a long time for this!"

Sonic does a tornado attack, blowing Bowser over onto his back, and Mario, Luigi and Knuckles attack him.

Snow Pea: "I'll slow him down for you!"

Peashooter: "And I'll do what I can to defeat him!"

Bowser retaliates, knocking Sonic and Knuckles over.

Mario: "I see some strange flowers over there...Luigi! There are some Fire Flowers!"

Luigi: "Yoshi, we're getting some Fire Flowers, try and keep Bowser away!"

Yoshi tries to battle Bowser, but eventually Bowser gets past. By that time however, Mario and Luigi had their Fire Flowers. They shoot at Bowser, defrosting him but eventually defeating him.

Dr. Zomboss: "Eggman, would you care to fight them?"

Eggman: "Oh yes! Sonic, you spiny little pincushion, prepare to fight my Egg Breaker Mk. II!"

Sonic: "Come on, if Shadow beat the first version, I can beat this one!"

Sonic charges at Eggman, but gets deflected by an energy shield. Mario and Luigi try to shoot him with their fireballs, but it doesn't work. Eggman then shoots out some spiked balls in several directions.

Eggman: "The more the merrier! I have the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds. You can't stop me!"

Sunflower: "I'll plant an Ice-shroom! If I can freeze him, it should bring down the energy shield! You'll only have a few seconds!"

Sonic: "Okay!"

Sunflower makes an Ice-shroom, and plants it. While the Egg Breaker is frozen, Sonic smashes the container holding the Chaos Emeralds, and grabs them. He transforms into Super Sonic.

Sonic: "Thanks Sunflower!"

Sonic charges at the Egg Breaker, which is now fleeing.

Eggman: "Please! Have mercy! I'll change!"

Sonic: "I've heard that line before. I'll let him go, we need to fight Zomboss."

Dr. Zomboss: "If you need a job doing well, do it yourself. Remit your brains and avoid some unpleasantness"

Sunflower: "Never! As I once sang, I can power an entire infantry!"

Dr. Zomboss places two Zombonis, and Sunflower counters with a Jalapeno and Squash. Zomboss crouches down and breathes out an Iceball, which the Mario brothers deal with using fireballs. Sunflower plants two Melon Pults and upgrades them to Winter Melons to damage Zomboss.

Dr. Zomboss: "I will not stop until I have all of your brains!"

Zomboss stomps on Mario and Luigi, causing them to lose their Fire Flowers, and Super Sonic charges at the Zombot's head. Zomboss retaliates with a laser beam, making Sonic drop the Chaos Emeralds. Sunflower plants more pults while Tails places some bombs at the Zombot's feet, and Knuckles climbs up and punches the head.

Sunflower: "Give up! You lost when your only enemies were plants, now we have some help!"

Dr. Zomboss: "Mere setbacks."

He throws a Camper Van at the pults, which narrowly misses Sunflower. He then crouches down and uses a Fireball. Sunflower uses an Ice-shroom and two Jalapenos and a Doom-shroom, destroying the Zombot. Zomboss manages to escape...

Sunflower: "There we go. All finished."

Tails: "We need to find a way to seperate the three Universes though."

In Zomboss's Lab 72 hours later...

Tails: "I've got it! What if we bring the most powerful sources of energy from the three Universes together, that should seperate them. I don't know if it'll work, but it should."

Mario and Luigi: "We'll get some Starman Power-ups."

Tails: "Sonic, the Chaos Emeralds please. Sunflower, we'll need a lot of your sun energy to make this work."

Sunflower: "Okay."


Tails: "It's working! The Universes will completely seperate in about 30 seconds."

Sonic: "Goodbye Plants! Goodbye Mario, Luigi and Yoshi!"

Sunflower: "Goodbye, I hope you defeat Eggman one day."

Mario: "We will go back and defeat Bowser, once and for all!"

The end.