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Tails, Knuckles, Amy, the Plants, Mario and Luigi see Dr. Zomboss's Lab, and Sonic outside it fighting some Zombies.

Amy: "We need to save Sonic!"

Squash: "Alright! Yeah, I'll do it!"

Peashooter: "Look! He's holding Sunflower!"

Sonic manages to blow up all except one of the Zombonis while dodging Basketballs. He destroys the Catapult Zombies but gets knocked out by the Gargantuar. The Flower Pot and Sunflower topple over, the soil spilling out.

Squash: "Hey, Ice Machine! Come 'ere!"

Knuckles: "What's he doing?"

Snow Pea: "Well, if he squashes the Zomboni it's one less thing to worry about. Plus I can't snow it down. Geddit? Snow it down instead of slow it down!"

Knuckles: "Yeah, whatever."

Luigi: "The Squash will do it!"

Mario: "Yes, that vehicle should get easily destroyed by that Squash."

Wall-nut: "I'm not going to be much help here I'm afraid."

Squash destroys the Zomboni, and tries to attack the Gargantuar, but the Garg knocks the Squash away with a Street Sign.

Knuckles: "I'll punch that thing out with my fists!"

Potato Mine: "No, it's too strong, you wouldn't do it."

The Gargantuar approaches them, but falls over. Mario and Luigi had thrown the Squash at the Garg.

Mario: "That will finish it!"

Luigi: "No way is he getting up again."

Peashooter: "Amateurs! It'll get up! Look!"

The Garg gets up and throws its Imp at the brothers, keeping them occupied.

Snow Pea: "I'll hold it off for as long as possible, but we need a plan!"

Potato Mine: "Tails, put me down, let it smash me! I'll blow it up!"

Tails: "What? But you'd die!"

Potato Mine: "At least I'd be helping to save Sunflower."

Knuckles: "It's our only hope Tails!"

Peashooter: "He's right!"

Tails: "Okay then. If you're sure."

Potato Mine's Flower Pot: "Wait! No one asked me how I feel about getting smashed!"

Tails puts the Pot down, and the Gargantuar smashes it, getting Spudowed and falling over for good this time.

Tails: "We need to check on Sonic now!"

Peashooter: "And the Sunflower!"

Snow Pea: "And the Squash!"

Sunflower is put back in the Pot, Sonic wakes up and the Squash recovers.

Sonic: "I'll go back for Yoshi!"

He comes out later...

Sonic: "It was tough, but I did it!"

Yoshi tries to talk, but no one understands.

Sonic: "Strange, we could talk earlier."

Dr. Zomboss's Zombot lands nearby.

Dr. Zomboss: "If I may, I can tell you why you can't understand him. He speaks a completely different language, but throughout my Laboratory, there are translation devices, which translate ANY language. Now, all of you must remit your brains to me immediately."

Bowser runs out of the Lab.

Bowser: "And you'll have to deal with me too!"

Eggman walks up in a machine similar to his Egg Breaker (a boss from a Sonic game).

Eggman: "And my Egg Breaker Mk. II will help to crush you!"

To be the final part