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Three Worlds Collide: Part 4: Escape!

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In Dr. Zomboss's Lab...

Dr. Zomboss: "Tell me how to make Zombie Plants!"

Sunflower: "I won't!"

Sonic and Yoshi are about to begin the escape attempt.

Sonic: "Right, I'll open your cage and then you can distract them. I'll rescue Sunflower, then come back for you."

Sonic opens Yoshi's cage.

Yoshi: "Hey, Zomboss! Look at me!"

Dr. Zomboss: "What? How did you get out? Zombies! Come and get Yoshi!"

Sonic picks up Sunflower and tries to avoid getting noticed, but he bumps into...

Bowser: "Hey! What are you doing here?"

Sonic: "Err...gotta go!"

Sonic knocks Bowser over and keeps running.

Sunflower: "How are we going to escape? This place is covered with Zombies!"

Sonic: "Most of them will be preoccupied by our distraction."

Sunflower: "Not all of them though."

Sonic: "I can fight a few Zombies."

Now to see what's happening elsewhere...

Amy: "We're getting closer, I can sense it!"

Potato Mine: "How can you sense it?"

Tails: "Apparently, she can tell when Sonic is near."

Snow Pea: "Oh come on!"

Peashooter: "Hey, chill out!"

Snow Pea: "Oh, ha, ha, very funny!"

Knuckles: "Look! Zombies!"

Mario: "We'll get rid of them! Don't worry!"

Luigi: "We can beat them easily!"

Mario and Luigi jump on the heads of the Zombies defeating quite a lot, but a Jack-in-the-Box Zombie explodes, knocking them back.

Wall-nut: "Jacks! Run!"

Tails: "Don't worry, I have a plan. Snow Pea, Peashooter, you try and bring down as many as you can while I bomb them from above and Knuckles, you can attack from below!"

Mario: "Good luck. We'll protect the plants if any get through."

Luigi: "Don't worry, we'll beat them all."

The plan works perfectly and so they continue on their journey. Meanwhile, back at Zomboss's Lab...

Sonic: "This reminds me of that time I broke out of a G.U.N. Prison."

Sunflower: "Watch out!"

Sonic runs right into Eggman, surrounded by five Egg Pawns, ten Football Zombies and five Koopas.

Eggman: "Leaving so soon?"

Sonic runs back and tries to find another way out.

Sonic: "There's gotta be another way out of here."

Sunflower: "Look! An exit!"

Sonic leaves the lab, only to be surrounded by five Zombonis, three Catapult Zombies and a Gargantuar!

Sonic: "They were herding us here! As soon as they realised we'd escaped, they tried to lure us into a trap!"

Sunflower: "And it worked!"

To be continued...

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