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They set off on a journey, following the tracks left by the Zombies...

Peashooter: "I've never left the yard of my homeowner."

Snow Pea: "Same here. Without us, our homeowner would be brainless by now."

(In the distance): "Nooooooooo! (munching sounds)"

Wall-nut: "What was that?"

Tails: "I don't know. (sigh)"

Luigi: "What's wrong?"

Tails: "Sonic is usually the hero, I don't know if we can save him, if it was so easy for Eggman and the other villains to kidnap him."

Mario: "Don't worry, we'll make it. We always do, and I'm sure you do too."

Knuckles: "Hey, what's that in the distance?"

Potato Mine: "I see Zombies, and...something else!"

Tails: "Eggman's Robots!"

Something smashes the Robots and knocks the heads off of the Zombies. It's a hammer held by...

Amy: "Hi Tails!"

Tails: "AMY!!!"

Amy: "Yeah, and say hello to this talking plant I found!"

A Squash jumps over Amy and lands in front of her.

Snow Pea: "Squash, where have you been?"

Squash: "I've been jumping around! A LOT!!! I helped Amy get here!"

Amy: "Hey, more talking plants! How cute!"

Snow Pea: "Most people say I'm cool, not cute!"

Mario: "Are you a friend of Tails and Knuckles?"

Amy: "Yes, and I'm Sonic's girlfriend!"

Tails (whispering to Mario): "Not really, she just thinks she is."

Peashooter: "Are we going anywhere or what?"

Knuckles: "Yeah, are we gonna get going?"

Amy: "I know where Sonic is being held, it's that way, I saw Eggman's Robots take him over there!"

They continue on their journey, going in the direction Amy is pointing. Meanwhile...

Bowser: "Send some of my Koopas and Para-koopas now! We've sent out enough of his Robots and your Zombies!!!"

Eggman: "Oh come on, they're just turtles, some have wings but still!"

Dr. Zomboss: "We shall use the Koopas and Para-koopas to guard the base with my Zombies. The Robots shall help my Zombies to defeat the others."

Sunflower: "You won't get away with this!"

Dr. Zomboss: "It's only a matter of time before you wither because of thirst. If you want me to water you, tell me the key to making Zombie Plants, rather than the failure Zombotany Zombies."

Sunflower: "Never!"

Sonic: "Don't be a hero, that's my job, I'll get us out of here."

Sonic and Yoshi quietly discuss plans to escape.

Sonic: "I've unlocked my cage."

Yoshi: "I could distract them while you take Sunflower and the Flower Pot and get them out of here."

Sonic: "What? No, I have to save everyone."

Yoshi: "You can come back and save me, but save the Sunflower first."

Sonic: "Alright. I'll come back for you."

To be continued...