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Three Worlds Collide: Part 2: Huge Waves

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After everyone introduces themselves...

Peashooter: "Look out behind you Tails!"

Tails dodges out of the way as Peashooter shoots some peas at a Zombie that was behind Tails.

Knuckles: "What's that?"

Tails: "It's a reanimated corpse."

Wall-nut: "We call them Zombies."

Tails: "Well, I guess that's good too."

Potato Mine comes out of the ground.

Peashooter: "Potato Mine, it's about time you armed yourself, Sunflower's gone so our numbers are a bit thin."

Potato Mine: "I heard everything."

Mario: "We'll help you fight those Zombies!"

Knuckles: "Yeah, I'll punch them out of my way."

Knuckles punches five Zombies and then a Pole-vaulting Zombie jumps over him, but Peashooter shoots at the Zombie while Tails distracts it.

Luigi: "Are there more?"

Peashooter: "Not yet. Let's get some support from other plants. We may not have Sunflower, but some plants can still be used."

Tails: "What would you recommend?"

Peashooter: "A Snow Pea."

Wall-nut: "No, a Tall-nut."

Peashooter: "Snow Pea!"

Wall-nut: "Tall-nut!"

Tails: "Stop! I choose a Snow Pea!"

Tails plants a Snow Pea, just as a Football Zombie runs onto the lawn.

Snow Pea: "Take this! Peashooter, help me out here!"

Knuckles: "I'll help too, I can knock it out while it's slowed."

They defeat the Football Zombie.

Mario: "Let's go and rescue Yoshi and...who was it?"

Tails: "Sonic. And a Sunflower. But how are we going to bring the plants along with us?"

Snow Pea: "Oh, that's easy, you can carry us around in Flower Pots."

Tails: "Where are they?"

Peashooter: "On the roof."

Tails flies up there using his two tails, and brings down four Flower Pots, one for each plant.

Mario: "How did you fly up there?"

Luigi: "Yes, how?"

Tails: "I can use my two tails as a helicopter."

Knuckles: "Yeah, yeah."

Tails: "Wait, these Flower Pots have eyes. These are plants too?!"

A Flower Pot: "Has your mind exploded yet?"

They plant the plants in the Flower Pots.

Peashooter: "Let's go and find Sunflower!"

Knuckles: "And Sonic."

Mario: "And Yoshi."

To be continued...

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