Sonic: “We’ve got you now Eggman!”

Knuckles: “You’re going down!”

Eggman: “Oh, you think so? All I have to do is pull this lever.”

Tails: “NO!!!”

Eggman pulls the lever

Eggman is in a strange place...

Eggman: “It worked!!! IT WORKED!!!!! Ahahaha!”

Zomboss: “What are you doing here?”

Eggman: “What are you?”

Zomboss: “I am Dr. Zomboss, the leader of the Zombies.”

Eggman: “You’re evil?”

Zomboss: “I wouldn’t say it quite like that, but from most points of view, yes.”

Eggman: “So am I. I merged multiple universes in an experiment, so now we can work together to bring down our enemies!”

Zomboss: “That is hard to believe. Please remit your brain for examination so I can see if you are telling the truth.”

Eggman: “I am telling the truth! You can't take my brain!”

Zomboss: “Yes I can.”

Bowser appears out of nowhere.

Bowser: “Who are all of you?! I demand to know where I am immediately!”

Zomboss: “You are in my laboratory.”

Bowser: “I must capture Mario and Luigi!”

Zomboss: “I believe you now, Mr...?”

Eggman: “Dr. Robotnik, but you can call me Eggman.”

Zomboss: “If we can work together, we can capture all of our enemies. We’ll start by kidnapping some of our enemies, to lure them into a trap.”

Bowser: “I will dino-nap Yoshi!”

Eggman: “That must be a strange universe you come from.”

Tails and Knuckles wake up outside a house.

Knuckles: “Oh my head. Where are we?”

Tails: “If Eggman’s experiment worked, it would have caused multiple universes to merge.”

Knuckles: “I have no idea what you just said. Hey, where’s Sonic?”

They look around and see some strange plants nearby. A Peashooter and a Wall-nut.

Peashooter: “Who are they? Are they new types of Zombie?”

Wall-nut: “If I had a palm, I would do a facepalm right now. Those aren’t Zombies!”

Knuckles: “What the...?”

Tails: “Fascinating, plants that can talk. Perhaps it is some kind of mutation?”

Peashooter: “Are you calling me a mutant? That's not very nice.”

Mario and Luigi walk towards them.

Mario: “Who are all of you?”

Luigi: “And where are we?”

Tails: “Eggman’s experiment worked! It must have! This is bad!”

Knuckles: “You mean we’re in another universe?”

Tails: “That’s as close as you’ll get.”

Mario: “We’ve lost Yoshi, our helpful friend.”

Tails: “And Sonic is nowhere to be seen.”

Peashooter: “And Sunflower has gone.”

Tails: “I guess we’ll have to work together to rescue our friends and separate the different Universes.”

To be continued...