The Springening has sprung! By that I mean I have the Spring/Easter update to PvZ2.

Fun new Vasebreaker, although for some reason my Vasebreaker progress was reset so I had to replay Intro and Egypt. Pirate Seas Vasebreaker was challenging but fun.

Split Decision is now my least favourite PvZ2 level though. Screw that level, four Split Peas, Chili Beans and Wall-nuts to deal with dozens of zombies including numerous Ponchos with metal grates? What do you guys at PopCap think I am, Moonshan? There's no way I can beat a BWB difficulty level without at least using the Butter Power-up. Tenth attempt was the only one I came close to beating, and I was so close I decided to win and butter the last two zombies about five times each in order to do so.

Aside from that, Wild West's Vasebreaker was pretty good too.

And the new plant, Dandelion. I didn't think I'd like it...but I do. I like it, and it's making me use plants I typically hate. And I mean despise. Dandelion works wonders when combined with Sweet Potato and Hurrikale, two of my least favourite plants in the series. They now have a purpose. And for managing to make those plants useful, Dandelion is definitely one of the best plants PvZ2 has to offer.

Plus, Dandelion is most effective in Frostbite Caves, where many levels make it possible to use Sweet Potato and Sliders to get all zombies into one row, making Dandelions a truly deadly force. Once all the zombies are in one row, chuck in a Hurrikale and/or Stunion to keep the Sweet Potato alive while Dandelions decimate the zombies by dealing 2.5 damage to EVERY zombie in the group.

That's a great thing about Dandelion. As well as being effective against multiple zombies grouped into one row, it deals the same splash damage as direct damage. 2.5 to every zombie it hits. However, despite this crowd control, I don't see it having much use in Endless Zones unfortunately, because of the highly specialized strategies needed to make it work well.

Nonetheless, this is actually a really good update. Dandelions FTW!