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I thought it was hard to reach level 100 in Big Bad Butte, I don't think even Spring Blovers can save people from the OP-ness of zombies in Arthur's Challenge.

At first, I thought it was only Jester+Garg that would be a problem, because the only plant that's good against both zombies is the Magnifying Grass, a non-AOE plant that costs a ton of sun to power.

But then I found out just how fast Kings can knight zombies, including knighting zombies the MOMENT they lose their knight helm, essentially making a King+Peasant combo unbeatable as long as the King is alive and not frozen.

On top of that, don't underestimate the Wizards. The ONLY way to kill them before they turn plants into sheep is to SPAM MELONS. But then what about the Jester+Wizard combo? WHAT ABOUT THAT???

And if there are lots of Wizards around, Spring Blover won't work because they'll transform the Spring Bean before you can feed it Plant Food!

And then...then there are the tombstones. Thought Ancient Egypt was bad? I did...but these tombstones respawn and summon Imp Monks too. At least they don't summon other zombie types like Knights, like some of the tombstones in regular levels do.

Last, but not least, the Gargs. All Gargs are OP in PvZ2. But when given THIS kind of support, the Gargs in Arthur's Challenge will be more OP than the Garg Primes...

Think of it, every plant gets killed/turned into sheep by Jesters/Wizards, the Gargs just run on through and if you do try to stop them, an army of Knighted Peasants will stand in your way as well.

I almost don't want Dark Ages Part 2 to be released, because then I'll play Arthur's Challenge, die before I even beat my Big Bad Butte record, and rage EVEN MORE!!!

And I'm restraining myself from a full-on caps lock blog because that would just be plain immature...

I really only made this because I'm ticked off by PopCap for making so many OP zombies in one stage, and I need to release my anger without smashing stuff or raging at specific people.

P.S. I wish George Fan still worked at PopCap, he would nerf these zombies so much...