Here are my challenges for PvZ Adventures:

  1. Beat Dire Spires Level 1 planting only one Bamboo Shoot. Difficulty: 4-6/10, based on luck. Done!
  2. Beat The Boonies Level 1 without planting any plants. Difficulty: 1/10. Done!
  3. Finish in the top five in Brain Ball. Difficulty: 8-9/10. Grr...not done.
  4. Get every Secret Achievement except Cheater! Cheater! Difficulty: 9/10. Not done.
  5. Beat the Park-n-Perish Level 13 challenge using exactly 10 Beets and no Beetboxers. Difficulty: 6/10. Done!
  6. Pass Officer Ron by only requesting help from one friend! Difficulty: Depends on whether or not the friend wants to help! Done!
  7. Beat Sweaty Palms Level 23 using only Sunflowers and Bamboo Shoots. Difficulty: 10/10, but 5/10 with Lawnmower Boosts. Done!
  8. Beat Grey Matter Gardens levels 18-26 using only Sunflowers, Peashooters, Aspearaguses, Wall-nuts, Sweet Peas and Instant-kills. Done!
  9. Beat The Sand Dooms levels 1, 11 and 21 using only Lawnmower Boosts and Instant-kills. Difficulty: 2/10. Done.
  10. More coming soon!