Here's a guide I've made to help beat the Terror from Tomorrow in PvZ2. I'll post guides to the other Challenge Zones when I play them enough to develop good strategies for them. If you have any questions or comments, post them in the comments section, obviously.

Here is a link to my Pyramid of Doom guide.

Here is a link to my Dead Man's Booty guide.

This is a guide to the later levels, like 30+ and even as high as 50+, not the early levels. You can adapt this strategy for use in the early levels if you want to however.

Also, it works best if you've unlocked all plants you can for Terror from Tomorrow, so you will always get a choice of bonus starting Sun.

And lastly, with the right strategy (aka, Zen Garden Boosts or a strat stolen from Rfm767), Garg Primes become easy to beat making this technically easier than Pyramid of Doom. But with the wrong strategy, it's infinitely harder than Big Bad Butte.

Strategy 1: Normal Levels

This strategy is for any level without Gargantuars.

The plants

So, here is a list of the plants you'll need:

The zombies

A list of the more dangerous zombies, and some good ways to fend them off while you are still building up your defenses.

Jetpack Zombie

Very tricky to beat when they appear early on, the best option is to get a Laser Bean in column 1 or 2 as soon as it appears. If you want, you can pick Tall-nuts instead of Infi-nuts when you see them, as that way, you can stall them like any other zombie.

Robo-Cone Zombie

Despite being the weakest of the "Machined" toughness zombies, these guys are a REAL pain, as they can appear earlier than the other "Machined" zombies and in bigger numbers. Generally stall individuals with Iceberg Lettuces and stun groups with E.M.Peaches, until you have the firepower to beat them. Quite often, a Cherry Bomb will be needed to deal with the early groups of these.

Mecha-Football Zombie

THIS is a REAL pain. Keep them stalled and bomb them, like Robo-Cones. Later on in any level which has these guys, once you have two columns of Laser Beans and a column of Winter Melons, dig up the Infi-nuts or Tall-nuts you're using, as you don't really need them and it just lets the Footballers push your plants backwards sooner. Also, make sure your Winter Melons aren't in column 1 when fighting these, as you don't want to lose such an expensive plant, do you?

The actual strategy

Start off by putting a Twin Sunflower on a Power Tile. Make sure it's on the Power Tile that's got the most alike tiles (example: if there are three red and two green, put it on a red tile), and once you have a Twin Sunflower on each tile of one color, use one Plant Food on one of them.

Hold off the early zombies WITHOUT spending any more Plant Food, unless you're maxed out and a zombie drops additional Plant Food, then spend it on your economy (Note: If a zombie is getting through your defenses and you get spare Plant Food, don't be afraid to use it to kill the zombie instead). If needed, use Cherry Bombs or occasionally Power Ups. Don't forget to use E.M.Peaches on groups of machines!

Stall Zombies with nuts (in column 6) and Icebergs, while getting two columns of Twins (it now doesn't matter where you get the other Twins, as long as the first few were on Power Tiles). Put Laser Beans as far left as you can, and when tough zombies show up in a row, use a Winter Melon. Try to get at least two Winter Melons and a column of Laser Beans by the first Flag, but ideally you want a column of each.

Continue building Laser Beans until you have two columns, then save up 1k sun and start digging up Twins to replace with more Beans. Remember, the top and bottom rows are the hardest to defend, so get Laser Beans in those rows first. Eventually, you'll have no Twins left and tons of Laser Beans to eradicate the zombies, but you will still likely need E.M.Peaches (and perhaps Cherry Bombs) to help out.

This strategy can survive using only one Plant Food per level up to level 50 and possibly beyond, although on rare occasions, a second use of Plant Food will be needed. Past level 50, strategy 3 is a good option, but if you don't have the Power Lily, try to survive using this strategy as long as possible.

Strategy 2: Vs. Gargantuar Primes

Sorry, this strategy is almost a clone of Rfm767's strategy. Shoot me if you want, but it's the only strategy that seems to work aside from spamming power ups or boosted plants. And it requires three prems too...

The plants

The Gargantuars

Meet the most overpowered zombie in PvZ's history. I'd rather fight a Plasmawing than play TfT level 200 if it featured Garg Primes. Stall with E.M.Peaches and Iceberg Plant Food to survive. And simply replace anything that still gets lasered.

The actual strategy

Start off as before, Twins on Power Tiles, but once you are ready to give them Plant Food, give them ALL your Plant Food. The early parts of the level play out mostly like last time, except that you start with Winter Melons (if Footballers are around, make sure they're not the leftmost plants of course), and then get Melon-pults. Two columns of Melons and a column of Winters is what you're aiming for, with two columns of Twins to fund the constant replacing of plants you'll have to do, along with the cost of Power Lilies and Imitater Power Lilies.

Use E.M.Peaches on groups of Gargs whenever it's charged, and if it's not charged but the Gargs are moving again, use Plant Food on an Iceberg. If they launch a Bug Bot successfully, that's another reason to Plant Food an Iceberg.

Unusually, stalling tactics for the first few zombies that spawn are not needed, due to the sheer amount of sun you get at the start. In other Challenge Zones, a lot of stalling is usually needed while getting more sun production, but that isn't the case here.

Strategy 3: Premium Strategy

Coming soon!

P.S. Wintermelon, do not rage about my use of Laser Beans in Strategy 1! UNDERSTAND???