Side B. I was dreading this after Side A's numerous problems. Is it as bad as I expected? Well, first, I like the addition of difficulty ratings. It helps newer players to decide what order they should play the stages, and means they will likely leave Candy Crush Beach until last.

But, let's see if I like this stage or not...



A creative idea but...not much use in practice. On the off-chance the Spore-shroom lands the final blow on a zombie that's on an unoccupied space, another zombie behind will almost always eat the new Spore-shroom yeah, not the greatest plant.




And of course they introduce Garlic in the one world where he's practically USELESS. Yeah, may as well introduce Lightning Reed in Wild West...

Intensive Carrot

This. Plant. Is. Awesome. The only problem is I don't have enough seed slots for him in Endless Zones, where he would shine the most due to the amount of high-cost plants I use. He offers a great way to replace expensive plants that get killed, and actually is slightly OP. In honesty, I think it should have a longer recharge to balance it out, but I don't think it's anywhere near as stupidly powerful as a certain Side A plant. took me until Day 31 before I realized his pun. He's meant to be a pun on Intensive Care. Worst. Pun. Ever.

Electric Blueberry

Day 31 made me decide that even if you had a reasonable cost, you are at the very bottom of my list of Prems I want. You have worse priorities than Squash. YOUR PLANT FOOD TARGETED THREE REGULAR ZOMBIES WHEN TWO GARGS WERE ONSCREEN, COME ON MAN!

This plant is totally useless because aside from the lack of crowd control, you need pure luck for it to attack the right enemies. It SHOULD attack the highest health zombie, but NOOO, it attacks randomly! When I get to the worst plants part of my "Best and Worst Plants in PvZ2", you can EXPECT to be there Electric Blueberry! Now go play with Gold Magnet.


Breakdancer Zombie

He's fast, he pushes zombies forwards, he pushes GARGS forwards, he pushes MC Zom-Bs forwards during their jam AND he can push OTHER BREAKDANCERS FORWARDS!

Forget Wizard Zombie, heck, forget about Hair Metal Gargs and Garg Primes, THIS will be the worst EZ zombie in PvZ2. Hands down.

Arcade Zombie

Pretty well-balanced, works well as a cross between Troglobite and a summoning zombie, and is fairly fun to fight. I'd say he's a decent zombie, though not one of the best PvZ2 has to offer.

Boombox Zombie

Aaand the award for most surprisingly well-designed zombie goes to...BOOMBOX ZOMBIE!

I thought he'd be OP, but he's actually not bad. The stunning is temporary, he has to walk a fair distance before he starts the music and he slows all other zombies while cancelling other jams as well. He's got enough disadvantages to not be OP, and add to that his weaknesses to instants, ground plants and Phat Beets, he's a fairly fun zombie to fight, not too tough, but not easy to beat either if you do let him get too far.

Zombot Multi-stage Masher

Zomboss, you disappoint me for the first time ever. This fight is overly tough. Seriously, the first, second and third phases are slightly too challenging and then you go to a phase where you literally spam JUST Gargs during their jam.

I'm really feeling some Big Wave Beach here. This is just...horrible.

To sum's an okay stage. Nowhere near as bad as my expectations, and it does introduce some useful plants, but for every good thing there is something at least equally as bad. I sincerely hope they don't make the next stage quite so frustrating, but I don't think they will. Why?

Simple. They made each of these zombies fairly OP because they thought it would be okay since only one or two zombies are able to use their abilities at once. Since the next stage won't have that same mechanic, the zombies won't be so powerful and it shouldn't be so frustrating. They've learnt from Big Wave Beach, and hopefully they will learn from this.