I forgot to do the reaction blog to Lost City Part 2, but I'm still doing this for Neon Mixtape Tour...

So did I like it? Ehh...

The Plants

Phat Beet

So...this is essentially a weaker Gloom-shroom that costs less and is quick to recharge. Not exactly a bad plant, but there isn't a lot to combo it with that can make it powerful. Sweet Potato strategies work fairly well with Phat Beet, but I'd much rather use a Garlic or Pumpkin strategy.

Celery Stalker

Very, very creative, and quite fun to use. It's a good early attacker that's reusable, but later on it will get eaten quite quickly since it pops up whenever a zombie is behind it, even if it means zombies will attack it. A good plant, but also not one I would use often.

Thyme Warp

Where do I begin with what is wrong about this plant?'s close to the OP level of Spring Blovers. Very Slow recharge means nothing, as decent stalling means very few zombies can get to your lawnmowers while it's recharging. If you have Imitater Thyme Warp then you can infinitely stall the zombies just by using the two of them. It's also really cheap, nowhere near costly enough for such a plant. So what if it heals zombies? If you can infinitely stall them, you can wipe them all out with Cherries at the end of the level.

Then there's the fact that it's only usable in NMT. Which I understand. It's because they know how difficult they've made NMT and want to give people who don't like overly difficult stages a way to make it pathetically easy so they can please everyone.


If only it was a gemium, not a premium, as this is a great multi-purpose plant now. There really isn't much to say other than well done PopCap, you made Cactus into a good plant.

The Zombies

Punk Zombie

This guy is really fun to fight. He has an ability similar to Mecha-Football but different enough to feel unique, he isn't very overpowering and he has a very effective counter in Magnet-shroom. Probably one of my favourite PvZ2 Zombies.

Glitter Zombie

And now for one of my least favourite PvZ2 Zombies. I mean, really, who thought that making a zombie grant TOTAL INVULNERABILITY to every zombie behind it was a good idea? I can understand say a 50% damage reduction to zombies behind it, but total invulnerability is just really overpowering. The only good counter to this zombie seems to be the expensive Winter Melon, which heavily damages it and slows it, while the invulnerable zombies don't get slowed so they can overtake the Glitter Zombie and become vulnerable to attacks. Don't say "it's only during one jam" either, because I don't care, it's still too powerful.

MC Zom-B

Move over Jack-in-the-Box Zombie, there's a new Zombie to take the title of "MOST EVIL CREATURE EVER CONCIEVED". 3x3 attack radius, near-insta-kill levels of damage, and always attacks when there is a plant in range. This guy makes Jack-in-the-Box Zombie look like a joke. The only saving grace is that, like most special abilities that zombies have in this stage, it's only during one jam. But still, it's a horrible, evil zombie that shouldn't exist.

Hair Metal Garg

Move over Gargantuar Prime, there's a new Gargantuar to take the title of "MOST EVIL GARGANTUAR EVER CONCIEVED". Because...that shockwave. That bucking, stupid shockwave with a range of...EIGHT SPACES. This zombie demolishes everything. This zombie is...

I don't have enough words to describe the stupidity of whoever designed its ability.

The Levels

So, you've probably worked out that I don't really like this stage. Here are the levels I hate the most.

Day 5

The SOS of death. The Phat Beets are near-impossible to protect and I had to use boosts here. That's all I have to say.

Day 10

This level is one I hate for being too easy. It's the easiest non-tutorial level in PvZ history. You get so many Thyme Warps that only an idiot or someone who totally refuses to use them could lose.

Day 13

I really don't know how to do this level, so I just Thyme stalled and bombed the zombies at the end of the second flag. Seriously, 2k sun for two flags of numerous zombies? With only two Plant Food to start and only one Plant Food obtained later on?

Day 16

I've only played this level once so far. And it's been the only time I wished for Thyme Warps because I didn't get enough. Too many zombies of too many types and too few useful plants. Celery Stalkers are literally the only high-damage plant you get. Still, I don't think it's as bad as BWB 16...just very close to that difficulty. sum up, I'm disappointed. This is the ultimate example of a good idea executed very, very badly. Like Big Wave Beach. Although this isn't QUITE as bad as BWB yet, if it carries on like this, Side B will make it into BWB 2.0. And it's certainly on a par with Dark Ages for me.

Edit: I've beaten it now. Third attempt, I got three Plant Food and far fewer zombies. I ended up doing it without using any Plant Food OR Thyme Warps. This Dynamic Difficulty thing is just stupid, it goes from being literally impossible to being a cakewalk!

There are some levels I liked though, mostly the Cactus levels and Day 9, it's just not enough to save this world.

Let's lighten the mood with a dumb joke. Glitter Zombie OP, must nerf Punk.