Some things I really want in Garden Warfare basically. Some of these ideas were inspired by other users or suggestions I've seen.


Some Plants and Zombies really need to be balanced out. Here are my suggestions for a few of them.

Agent Pea

Still OP. I like it, but it should have some other kind of nerf. I think reduced ammo, 9 or 10 default and 12 upgraded. It would still be a good character as you can usually four-shot kill an average player with headshots, but it would mean that it has to reload more often and makes it slightly easier to beat.

Berry Shooter

This thing got overnerfed. Seriously, it can do 1 splash damage on occasion now. I think splash damage should be increased so it's 10-25, rather than 1-15. This is still less than originally, but it's at least decent.

Chomp Thing

Firstly, increase the spray attack damage to be in line with other spray attackers (10 at a time, not 5). Secondly, completely revamp the self-healing. Instead of self-healing sooner, allow it to self-heal twice as fast when below 50% health, and then continue self-healing when above 50% health, but only at the normal healing rate. That way, it's actually able to heal faster, and heal to max health if you're patient, and it would be a useful character. Chompula would probably still outclass it though, as it has more health and some really awesome self-healing powers.

Super Commando

80 damage per volley with point-blank headshots. That. Is. OP. Reduce the damage by 25% or so. Then at least it's BEATABLE.


Reduce splash damage, it's almost as strong as the pre-nerfed Berry Shooter plus it has burn damage. Seriously OP.

Sunflowers in general

Sunflowers are an okay character class. But few people choose them, which makes the game much harder for plants, and allows zombies to win most games. Many people have complained that zombies are OP, but I honestly think it's the lack of Sunflowers that's the problem.

So, buff the Sunflower's heal beams. The regular can overheal plants to 20% extra health, and the rainbow beam can't overheal but can charge up over time and when fully-charged, can activate an ability that gives the Sunflower and whoever it heals four-second invulnerability and a rainbow aura.

COMMENTS ABOUT SIMILARITY TO MEDI GUN WILL BE NUKED. Also note that it's not as powerful as the Medi Gun anyway. You choose between 20% overhealing or four-second invincibility effect, rather than having 50% overhealing AND an eight-second invincibility effect. This is because Zombies don't have a particularly effective healer, or overhealing/invincibility effects.

New Variants

What would suggestions for GW be without new variant ideas?

Scatter Pea

This would be a shotgun-style attacker, although unlike the Scientists that just have a massive damage dropoff over long distances, this actually fires off multiple pellets (or rather, small peas) that spread out over long distances. It would fire off around 6 peas, each causing 8 damage for a maximum of 48 by default.

Ammo: Shell Peas.

Reload: Medium.

Damage: Spray Impact Damage.

Usage: Short/Mid Range.

Ice Flower

I know the elemental variants are pretty UO, but I really think a freezing Sunflower would be a cool character to add. It would have 60 base ammo, 70 upgraded, instead of 50/60 like the regular Sunflower, and would deal significantly less damage, around 3-4 per shot. After around 20 shots, it would freeze a target.

Ammo: Ice Pulse

Reload: Medium.

Damage: Freezing Damage.

Usage: Mid Range.

Ninja Chomper

Reduced health, only 125 base, 150 upgraded, the Ninja Chomper would be the stealthiest member of the Chomper class. At first, it seems like nothing's really different aside from health, but upon swallowing a zombie, you become temporarily invisible, perfect for getting away when wounded or getting behind another zombie for a quick, stealthy kill.

Ammo: N/A.

Reload: N/A.

Damage: Bite/Swallow/Yum!

Usage: Melee.

Stealth Cactus

Also ninja-based, the Stealth Cactus's attack would have slightly less ammo (9/12) and a slightly longer reload than a regular Cactus, but upon getting a headshot, you will temporarily blind the opponent. They won't be able to see very much at all for a couple of seconds. This means that they won't be able to spot and counterattack you as easily, especially if you can get consistent headshots.

Ammo: Ninja Needles.

Reload: Very Slow.

Damage: Blinding Damage.

Usage: Long Range.

Special Ops. Soldier

Hand-picked by Zomboss, a very powerful Foot Soldier but difficult to use. It has reduced health, only 100, but increased speed and its weapon, the Z-2 Stealth Blaster deals 50% more damage than a regular Foot Soldier's weapon, with only 20/25 ammo.

Ammo: Black Zomboss Pellets.

Reload: Fast.

Damage: Impact.

Usage: Mid/Long Range.

Insert Engineer Variant Here

I can't think of a variant for Engineer. Anyone got some ideas?


Equipped with lots of rocks for protection, this is the Scientist's answer to Metal Petal. It has extra health at the cost of reduced speed and a weaker attack. The Rock Blaster shoots out rocks which deal slightly less damage than the default Scientist, and tend to hug the ground, falling faster than most projectiles. This gives it seriously short range and bad accuracy if you try to use it at long range.

Ammo: Pointy Rocks.

Reload: Fast.

Damage: Impact Damage.

Usage: Short Range.

Squash Star

The Squash Star moves faster than other All-stars, giving it a decent amount of mobility, even while shooting, and making it better at evading Chompers. This comes at the cost of health, only 150, but still more than most characters, and attack damage, as the Squash Balls it fires out deal slightly lower damage than the regular All-star. The weapon takes longer to overheat than most All-star weapons however.

Ammo: Squash Balls.

Reload: N/A.

Damage: Impact Damage.

Usage: Short/Mid Range.

New Classes

To do: Snapdragon.

Lightning Reed

A long-ranged support class, with similar zoom to a Cactus, and only 100 health. It does low damage, but has a good rate-of-fire and electric-based attacks, meaning they ricochet between enemies like "Power" plants, Electricians or Physicists. It shoots about three times a second, has 15/18 ammo, and does about 10 damage, 13 for a crit.

Ability 1: Power Shield. Generates a shield around itself and nearby plants that absorbs 100 damage. While active, other abilities cannot be used.

Alt Ability 1: Invinci Shield. The shield grants total invulnerability, but lasts only five seconds and has a very long cooldown.

Ability 2: Stormcloud. Summons a storm cloud that targets nearby zombies and strikes them with lightning, causing 25 damage a second. It lasts ten seconds.

Alt Ability 2: Raincloud. Summons a cloud that seeks out nearby plants instead, and granting a 50% speed, rate-of-fire and reload boost. If no players are nearby to buff, defaults to buffing the user of the ability.

Ability 3: Switchgrass (as in, CC00's Switchgrass from PvZCC). Holds up to three. Places a Switchgrass on the ground. If an AI zombie walks over it, they will walk in the opposite direction to where they're meant to go for ten seconds. If a player walks over it, their thumbstick controls are inverted for ten seconds, making it harder for them to move and aim. After a zombie of any kind walks over it, it disappears.

Alt Ability 3: Hypno-shroom. Holds only one. Hypnotizes an AI zombie that goes within a certain area around it, and disappears. Hypnotized zombies glow purple and attack other zombies. If a player walks too close to the Hypno-shroom, the player will be able to respawn after being hypnotized, but the hypnotized version of them will remain, and is controlled by an AI. Unfortunately, it's difficult to hide and easily attacked from afar.

Ammo: Lightning Bolts.

Reload: Medium.

Damage: Electric Damage.

Usage: Mid/long Range.

Flaming Reed

A variant of Lightning Reed, this combines the electric and fire elements, setting zombies that are directly hit on fire, and having a ricochet effect to hit nearby zombies. The ricochet will not set zombies on fire however. Has reduced ammo, only 12/15.

Ammo: Burning Bolts.

Reload: Medium.

Damage: Electric/fire Damage.

Usage: Mid/long Range.

Icing Reed

Combines electric and ice elements. Has reduced damage (8 regular, 10 crit) and more ammo, and will slow down or freeze any zombie hit, including ricochet hits.

Ammo: Frozen Bolts.

Reload: Medium.

Damage: Electric/freezing Damage.

Usage: Mid/long Range.

Laser Reed

Charge-up attack, causing only 10/13 damage/crit damage for uncharged shots, 30/40 for semi-charged and 70/90 for fully charged. No electric element and less ammo (10/12) however.

Ammo: Energy Bolts.

Reload: Medium.

Damage: Impact Damage.

Usage: Mid Range.

Sparking Reed

Shotgun-style attack and 150 health, but also moves slower. If you're good at setting up ambushes, you'll be good as this Reed, targeting zombies that have been caught out by a Switchgrass is often a very effective tactic. It has 8/10 ammo and fires out 6 sparks, each causing 5 damage for a max of 30, but still shoots three times a second, making it LETHAL at point-blank range. Each spark also causes electric-ricochet, meaning that crowds at close range stand little chance of beating this guy, even groups of Scientists.

Ammo: Superheated Sparks.

Reload: Slow.

Damage: Spray Electric Damage.

Usage: Short/Mid Range.

Telekinetic Reed

Shots can knock back zombies at the cost of dealing less damage (8/10). Retains electric element, but only causes knockback with direct hits. Good for defending Gardens and trying to keep the zombies out of a specific area.

Ammo: Pyschic Bolts.

Reload: Medium.

Damage: Electric Knockback Damage.

Usage: Mid Range.

Beaming Reed

Has 30 ammo and a beam attack, causing 6/8 damage per ammo used and shooting quickly, using up around six ammo a second. Very powerful with good accuracy, and retains the electric element. Unfortunately, this is balanced with a longer reload than most characters, leaving it vulnerable to attack for a long period of time.

Ammo: Lightning Beam.

Reload: Very Slow.

Damage: Electric Damage.

Usage: Mid/long Range.

Tesla Reed

Fires out powerful tesla balls, but has to reload after every shot. These cause 45 direct damage and 10 splash damage, and have an electric ricochet.

Ammo: Tesla Balls.

Reload: Fast.

Damage: Electric (Splash).

Usage: Mid Range.

Jetpack Zombie

An average health class, with 125, which moves quickly like a Sunflower and has a Future Laser for its weapon. It has 3/4 ammo, deals 45 regular and 60 crit damage, and shoots about once every second. Also has a fairly slow reload. The main advantage of this class is his Jetpack, which enables a flight ability so he can attack from the air, mostly safe from Chompers and making it harder for other characters to hit.

Ability 1: Jetpack (obviously). Controls like Drones but a bit slower, deactivates when you touch the ground, press the ability button again or when it runs out of fuel after 20 seconds. If gooped by a Chomper, you will fall to the ground and the ability deactivates, making Chompers a kind of counter to this ability.

Alt Ability 1: Energy Jetpack. Allows you to move as fast as a Hot Rod Chomper that's just eaten while you're flying, but it eats up fuel quicker, only lasting 10 seconds.

Ability 2: Forcefield. A similar ability to the Lightning Reed's Power Shield, only this has a whopping 150 health, and only protects from frontal attacks. Easily bypassed by plants that simply walk through the shield or attack from behind, but useful if you're backed into a corner.

Alt Ability 2: Invincifield. Like a Forcefield, but invincible and it only lasts five seconds. The cooldown is quicker than Lightning Reed's equivalent, the Invinci Shield however, as Lightning Reed's version protects from all directions.

Ability 3: Robo-cone. You become unmovable, but gain an extra 200 health. Grounding yourself like this in a Garden is a great way to capture it, as you even become immune to Chomper's OHKO chomp, which simply destroys the Robo-cone but not you. The lack of movement however makes it easier for you to get attacked.

Alt Ability 3: Robomb-cone. Only offers 100 health of protection, but creates a heavily damaging explosion (75 damage) in a wide area when destroyed. Chomping the Cone will not trigger the explosion.

Ammo: Plasmatic Energy.

Reload: Slow.

Damage: Impact Damage.

Usage: Mid Range.

Egyptian Jetpack Zombie

From Future Egypt, not Ancient Egypt. Has a Sand Laser with a burn effect, but takes longer to reload.

Ammo: Plasmatic Sand.

Reload: Very Slow.

Damage: Fire Damage.

Usage: Mid Range.

Nuclear Jetpack Zombie

A toxic-based Jetpacker, which has twice as much ammo and a doubled fire-speed, but also only deals 20 damage, or 25 for a crit. The advantage is that it has a toxic aura and toxic damage, useful when using your two defensive abilities to capture gardens for example.

Ammo: Nuclear Energy.

Reload: Slow.

Damage: Toxic Damage.

Usage: Short/mid Range.

Martian Jetpack Zombie

Equipped with an Energy Rifle that shoots twice as fast as a Football Cannon and does the same damage, but overheats VERY quickly and has a long cooldown.

Ammo: Alien Energy.

Reload: N/A.

Damage: Impact Damage.

Usage: Mid Range.

Disco Jetpack Zombie

Uses a Mirrorball Laser, which has 5/7 shots, and each shot fires out about a DOZEN lasers, but these lasers cause only 15/20 damage and are rather inaccurate, going in almost any direction. Thankfully, one of the lasers always goes right where you're aiming.

Ammo: Disco Power!

Reload: Slow.

Damage: Impact Damage.

Usage: Short/mid Range.

Prime Jetpack Zombie

Utilizes the same lasers as Gargantuar Primes. This has only 10/12 ammo, and it fires five times a second, and has a long reload. But it uses a beam attack which does 15/18 damage per shot.

Ammo: Mega Lasers.

Reload: Very Slow.

Damage: Impact Damage.

Usage: Mid Range.

Space Pirate Zombie

Equipped with a Laser Sword, has 50 more health and can deal 50 damage with this weapon per slash, slashing twice a second. Very damaging up close, but despite its sword-based weapon, there's no "backstab" style attack, and the abilities aren't designed around getting him up close and personal like a Chomper's abilities.

Ammo: N/A.

Reload: N/A.

Damage: Melee Damage.

Usage: Melee.

Experimental Jetpack Zombie

An unusual experiment granted this zombie incredible healing powers. While he only has 100 health instead of 125, he self-heals twice as fast as normal when below half health, and continues self-healing above half health. Basically, similar to what I wish Chomp Thing was like. His weapon, the Experiment Laser does 30 regular and 42 crit damage and has the same amount of ammo as normal, but a slightly quicker reload.

Ammo: Experimental Energy.

Reload: Medium/slow.

Damage: Impact Damage.

Usage: Mid Range.

Ninja Zombie

Only with 100 health, the Ninja Zombie is stealth-based, and can be very deadly. Its weapon is the Ninja Shuriken, which is a shuriken the Ninja throws at enemy plants, causing 50 damage. It can be thrown once every second and has no reload, but from behind, it's a critical hit and instant death, making it a deadly attack.

Ability 1: Disguise. Disguises as any plant or zombie, taking on the appearance of a plant or zombie of that type, complete with customizations, that a player is currently using. Has no cooldown, so it can almost always be used, but attacking or being attacked will cause the disguise to drop, so be careful. While disguised as a plant, Potted Plants, Potato Mines, Spikeweeds etc won't attack you deliberately, but may by accident if you're too near other zombies. Zombies will see through your disguise.

Also, Sunflowers and Heal Flowers can heal you while you're disguised as a plant.

Alt Ability 1: Imitation. Essentially becomes a passive ability that causes you to disguise as any plant player that you kill, and making their bodies disappear immediately so they're unrevivable. However, you can't disguise the normal way.

Ability 2: Weed Killer. Activate this and you poison all nearby potted or ability plants so they will be disabled and begin taking damage until they die. If a Sunflower begins healing any of said plants with a direct heal beam, the plants will stop taking damage. Using this ability does not drop your disguise, making it a safer way of sabotaging the plants than simply killing them and risking being spotted.

Alt Ability 2: Weed B-gone. Insta-kills one potted or ability plant nearby, without dropping the disguise. Longer cooldown and only works on one plant rather than a group though.

Ability 3: Zomboss Cloak. The Ninja turns invisible for as long as an Energy Warp lasts. This obviously drops disguises but is useful for fleeing when found out, or going somewhere safe to disguise again.

Alt Ability 3: Distraction. Undisguises if disguised and creates four identical copies of yourself that move around and take damage (up to only 25 though), distracting plants so you can escape or get more kills. Also has a quicker cooldown, but you don't become invisible, so observant plants will know which Ninja is the real one and will attack you.

Ammo: Ninja Shurikens.

Reload: N/A.

Damage: Insta-kill on hits from behind.

Usage: Short/mid Range.

Variants coming soon!

New Spawnables

New Potted Plants and Spawnable Zombies!

Sweet Potato

Attracts nearby AI Zombies like a Chili Bean, and has lots of health. Players will also get slowly dragged towards the Sweet Potato, but they can still walk away, or kill it.


A Fume-shroom's attack, in an Ice-shroom's range. Simple, but highly dangerous.


Pumpkins are obtained in the same way as other spawnables, but are placed by pressing B near a plant you spawned in. This offers significant protection from zombies, around 200 health.


Every ten seconds, it releases a powerful fast-moving plasma ball, inflicting 100 damage to the target. Always aims for the zombie with the most health within its range.


Every ten seconds, it will unleash a gust of wind that causes five damage to zombie-controlled Drones, or airborne Jetpack/Balloon Zombies, and it blows them quite far from it. A good anti-air plant, but with very little use in Garden Ops.

Chicken Wrangler Zombie

Has 50 health, and upon taking 25 damage or on death, it will release a flock of a dozen Chickens. Each Chicken has only five health but moves incredibly fast and causes 5 damage when it attacks a plant. Thankfully, Chickens can't capture gardens in G&G.

Also, if a Chomper swallows a Chicken Wrangler before it releases Chickens, the Chickens won't be released.

Jester Zombie

When shot at, it will spin for three seconds, deflecting all projectiles that hit it back towards their attackers, and deflected projectiles CAN hurt plants. However, splash damage, sunbeams, goop, spray attacks and a few Potted Plant attacks can't be deflected, and after spinning, it becomes dizzy for three seconds, unable to move or spin. Has 50 health.

Knight Zombie

50% more health than a Buckethead. 'Nuff said.

Balloon Zombie

Has 50 health and flies above the fray, hard to attack and dropping rocks on plants. Cacti can pop the balloon.