So did I like FC or not? I've played through all 16 levels, so here are my reactions to them now.

Start of Day 1: Okay, so I'm finally playing this stage. I hope it's as good as it looks!

End of Day 1: As always, the first level's easy. Even Big Wave Beach started easy.

Start of Day 2: This should be simple, defrost Repeaters and have them defrost Wall-nuts. The Icy Winds though...

End of Day 2: Huh, those Icy Winds weren't too bad, considering I don't have Pepper-pult.

Start of Day 3: Ooh look, Hurrikale, a pointless plant that I won't be using in any Choose Your Seeds levels. Although, this level's designed around it.

End of Day 3: Wow, if only every level made Hurrikale useful.

Start of Day 4: C'mon Hunters, gimme all ya got! I'm not afraid of you, you're just Wizard Zombies done right!

End of Day 4: I wish I had Pepper-pult. Those were more annoying and tricky to beat than I thought. Also, despite those two zombies at the start, this was still fair. Just tricky. Infi-nuts, Repeaters and Winter Melons are cool.

Start of Day 5: Oh great Bonk Choys. I'll LOVE this level. Oh look, Pepper-pults! I'll love this level!

End of Day 5: Those Bonk Choys were actually useful. This is like the Sphinx-inator all over again. Bonk Choy PF, thank you for taking out those Snowstorms.

Start of Day 6: Why Spikeweeds? Those'll go in front of Tall-nuts so I can't protect them from defrosting using Pepper-pults! Darn stupid plants, this'll be tough. Let's arm myself with Cherries, like I've done quite a lot in this stage. I'll need them.

End of Day 6: Huh, even with Pepper-pult, Hunters aren't exactly EASY to beat. They can still disable my plants because they attack faster than Pepper-pults defrost, so it isn't a perfect counter. That's good, I like that.

Start of Day 7: Now, if I remember from videos correctly, one of these Split Peas will die because Snowstorm Imps. I need to protect it, even if it means using a Cherry Bomb, because I don't have room in my seed tray for Split Peas unless I use the eighth slot.

End of Day 7: That wasn't so bad.

Start of Day 8: Bonk Choys again? COME ON GUYS.

End of Day 8: And the Bonk Choys were barely any help this time either. Hurrikale, Pepper-pults and Potatoes did all the work.

Start of Day 9: Oh yeah, Dodos! I still want to keep using slider rows for sun production, not firepower (pun not intended), so let's bring in Blover!

End of Day 9: Dodo Riders are such a cool zombie! And that was a tricky but fun level!

Start of Day 10: Only Peashooters for firepower? Huh, I guess like most of the Hurrikale Parties, this is all stalling tactics and no strong plants.

End of Day 10: Threepeaters have now been made useful. What's this stage doing to me?

Start of Day 11: Oh look, Threepeater again! And look, the boring old tank zombie of the stage, the Blockhead Zombie!

End of Day 11: That was fun. Difficult, but fun. Chard Guard rules. Also, I had to decide just how long to leave those frozen zombies. Leave them too long and I don't get enough room for sun production. Defrost them too soon and I can't defeat them. I think I got the timing right.

Start of Day 12: Ya know, by this point Moonshan would probably be thinking how horribly easy this stage is because it isn't Dark Ages or Big Wave Beach difficult. Also, Pepper-pults and Snapdragons and Chard Guards should make short work of this Last Stand.

End of Day 12: That was trickier than I thought. But then, not a lot of Last Stand levels are EASY to beat spending only 1900 Sun.

Start of Day 13: Sloth Garg time! Why am I considering picking Bonk Choy? Just because it was useful in Day 5? Snap out of it, go for Coco Cannons!

End of Day 13: Coco Cannons + Chard Guard = Garg destruction.

Start of Day 14: When they do L&L levels with limited or no sun production, they either succeed at making a fun, challenging level (BWB Day 31) or it is absolutely horrible (PS Day 18, which was perfectly fine pre-1.7). I hope this is the former.

End of Day 14: Oh that was fun. Chard Guard in the middle row for knockback and Hurrikale if it loses its leaves too fast. Also, creative use of Split Peas for early attackers.

Start of Day 15: Back to Pepper+Coco Cannon, cause that worked for 13.

End of Day 15: Take that zombies, you can't beat me!

Start of Day 16: So is this level REALLY as hard as some people say?

After Failed Attempt 1: That was my own fault. I didn't replace that Chard Guard in time. I need to pay more attention.

End of Day 16: That's better, that wasn't too tough. Only two PF, but I only needed to use one. That was difficult, but the perfect difficulty. Really hard, but still fair, not luck-based. Plus, with a bit of luck, it would be possible without any PF, I just didn't quite get enough Chard Guards for a no-PF run.

Final Verdict: Good, useful plants and dangerous, but still counterable zombies. So far I like this stage a lot. If they keep this up for Part 2...I think this would become my favourite stage of PvZ2. Well done PopCap, you've finally gone back to making good levels, that are fun for players of all skill levels, not just for the super duper extreme pros who can probably beat Survival: Fog Hard without sun producing plants. I exaggerate, but you do have to be ridiculously good to beat BWB. That's not the case here.