So. Big Wave Beach. The stage that's ten times harder than Dark Ages, and yet, only around half of people hate it, while Dark Ages was almost unanimously hated. Why is that? Is it because people EXPECTED it to be hard after Dark Ages? Maybe.

Or maybe it's because Big Wave Beach was a good idea.

Probably the last thing any of you expected me to say, but Big Wave Beach was good, in theory. The premise was good. PvZCC had several beach-style levels that had land at the left and water at the right. None of them had the tide system, which I think is the most creative stage mechanic in the whole of PvZ2.

But, despite being such a good idea, Big Wave Beach's execution SUCKED.

Let's look at the zombies...

Number 1: Bikini Zombies: What was the point? There is literally nothing other than aesthetic differences between these and the Pompadour Zombies. I mean...why? There was no need for two regulars, two Coneheads, AND two Bucketheads.

Number 2: Snorkel Zombie: Actually really well implemented. It's a mild threat unlike in the original, due its increased health. Even with a catapult-centered strategy that can easily attack it, it's closer to the difficulty of a Conehead than a Browncoat/regular.

Number 3: Imp Mermaids: Probably the most OP thing in the whole of Big Wave Beach. The only thing that can compete with Octos for OP-ness. The Low Tide ambush is the most OP ambush in the history of PvZ.

Let's compare it to previous ambushes: The sandstorm only contained regular mummies, making it easy(ish) to counter, even in PoD where it can go very far left. Plus Icebergs and Iceberg PF can counter the sandstorm zombies. The Raiding Party consisted of zombies with the health of a regular all dropping into one column. Predictable and simple to counter. Bot Swarms weren't very tough either. Blover or E.M.Peach could handle them. Plus in TfT they're limited to the four rightmost columns. Then even Necromancy, while OP in the regular levels, was easy to counter in AC due to only spawning Monks in that mode. Plus Grave Busters.

However, the Low Tide not only summons GARGANTUARS in the regular levels, but even in TT-er, they can still summon Coneheads and Bucketheads. This means that Imp Mermaids in a level where the tide line is between the third and fourth column are basically LETHAL without Magnifying Grass or instant-kills.

Number 4: Surfers: Great idea, OP in-game. It could've been a Dolphin Rider reskin. Instead it ignored all plants on water, I like that idea. It shields itself from lobbed-shots on land, I like that too, a reverse Shield Zombie. But the insta-killing is too OP. Once it reaches land, it's certain to place the surfboard, and likely kill a plant, unless it gets burnt, such as with an instant-kill. Actually, does Lightning Reed stop them placing surfboards upon death like Cherry Bombs?

Number 5: Octo Zombies: What was going on in PopCap's offices when they thought this up?

PopCap Employee 1: "So, we need to work out what this Octo Zombie does. Any ideas?"

Employee 2: "How about it can attack at short range in eight directions?"

Employee 1: "Too short-ranged. Next?"

Employee 3: "How about it can pull plants towards it with its tentacles?"

Employee 1: "That's a great idea! I'll make it into a Fisherman."

Employee 4: "How about it throws octopi that stop plants from working and stop you from digging them up?"

Employee 1: "Perfect!"

Employee 2: "But isn't that just another Wizard?"

Employee 1: "'re right. I'll give it more health and make the plants have to kill the octopi, not the zombie, to save the paralyzed ones."

Employee 2: "I quit."

Number 6: Fishermen: I hate them. Not because they're OP, but because they're rendered harmless TOO easily. White Radish would've been a great counter, but instead we get Infi-nut's forcefield, which until destroyed, renders every Fisherman 100% harmless. At least with Catapults, which lob basketballs that are easily countered by Umbrella Leaf, they'd eventually move forwards. No such thing happens here.

And now onto the plants:

Number 1: Bowling Bulb: It seemed SOOO useful at first. Then it got nerfed and the PF got nerfed TWICE. Originally PF was OP, dealing massive damage per shot with three ricocheting shots. Then it did 60 damage, which seemed fair. Then it went down to 30. BUCK YOU POPCAP. WE NEED USEFUL PLANTS. THIS THING IS BAD EVEN IN ANCIENT EGYPT.

Number 2: Guacodile: Again, cool concept, but got nerfed too much. PF got nerfed and I swear its normal charge does less damage than in the first previews that hackers showed us.

Number 3: Banana Launcher: If you've seen my PvZ Math blog, you'll know that I used math to conclusively prove that Banana Launcher is weaker than Cob Cannon, by a LONG way. I'd pick Winter Melons over this any level. Admittedly though, they have a conveyor level that's quite fun, one of the few highlights of BWB.

The levels now. I'm just going to generalize here...most of the conveyor-belt levels are extremely luck-based and impossible to beat reliably with any strategy. The non-conveyor levels often rely on Magnifying Grass, a plant which is very underused and not a lot of people would think to use. Heck, as much as I like it, I wouldn't think to use it almost every level, and we are forced into it in most levels. It's the only way to have your defensive plants far enough back to survive Gargs in Low Tides.

So there you have it. My calm, reasonable explanations of why I hate Big Wave Beach.