These are challenges for I, Zombie which I have all done except for a few, could you tell me if you've done them?

I, Zombie: Complete it without Football Zombies. Difficulty: 3/10.

I, Zombie Too: Complete with just Screen Door Zombies. Difficulty: 10/10, luck based.

Can You Dig It?: Complete without Diggers. Difficulty: 4/10.

Totally Nuts: Complete without Ladder Zombies. Difficulty: 6/10.

Dead Zeppelin: Complete without Balloon Zombies. Difficulty: 2/10.

Me Smash!: Complete without Gargantuars (I haven't done it). Difficulty: apparently about 7.5/10.

ZomBoogie: Complete without Dancers. Difficulty: 5/10.

Three Hit Wonder: Complete without Bungees. Difficulty: 8/10.

All your brainz r belong to us: Complete without Diggers (not done it, should be possible). Difficulty: 10/10.

I, Zombie Endless: Have over 3,000 Sun. Difficulty: 6/10, luck based.