Another blog post about my Garden Warfare guides. This time: the Sunflower!


As you probably know, the Sunflower's a healer. Weak attacks, but good supporting abilities. Near-useless on her own, but pretty strong teamed up with other Sunflowers or with Peashooters and Chompers. She can also revive characters much faster than any other plant, which is very useful in Team Vanquish. Overall though, I'd say it's best used in Gardens and Graveyards and Garden Ops, as it's best to play defensively with Sunflowers, and you need to play defensively in those modes.


There are seven variations (including the basic Sunflower), each with their own weapons.

Sun Pulse

Sun Pulse is weak and rapid-fire. Good for taking out Zombot Drones, but not good for much else.

Ammo: 50.

Rating: 5/10.

Flame Pulse

BURN BABY BURN. This is a very strong attack (by Sunflower standards) but has less ammo. Overall though, with the damage and burn, I think this is the best Sunflower for fighting.

Ammo: 30.

Rating: 7/10.

Metal Pulse

I'm really not rating the weapon here, as it's barely stronger than the Sun Pulse. Here, I'm rating the variant itself, and Metal Petal's massively increased health is very good for going out into the middle of the battlefield to revive and heal plants, and lets it last longer in a firefight.

Ammo: 50.

Rating: 8/10.


With two healing abilities and one powerful fighting ability, the Sunflower's abilities are all very useful.

Heal Beam

The best healing ability in the game, especially if groups of Sunflowers heal each other with it. 9/10.


Blasting enemies with high accuracy is good, but it has two flaws: it does less damage than Pea Gatling, and it gives away your location to almost every zombie in the entire battle. Still useful if you plant a Heal Flower and root near it though. 7/10.

Heal Flower

While the Heal Beam is better for healing allies, the Heal Flower can heal whoever planted it, so you can heal yourself! Yay! 8/10.

Solar Flare Beam

Never, ever use it. The regular Sunbeam is MUCH better. 3/10.

Final Verdict

It's a healer, and vital in some game modes, but I personally don't play as it very often, so the overall rating is 7/10.