I just thought I'd post a series of blogs which are a guide to the playable plants and zombies in Garden Warfare, so here's the first blog: The Peashooter!


Peashooters are pretty much required to win any game mode as the plants. In groups, they can be very powerful, and while their weapon doesn't have the longest range, they can be good as snipers when they get up high. They are also good for crowd control, making them a vital ally in Garden Ops for dealing with the weaker hordes.


There are nine variations (including the basic Peashooter), each with their own weapons. I have all of them, so I'll give advice on all their weapons.

Pea Cannon

Pea Cannon is the Peashooter's attack, good for crowd control due to a splash effect, but it doesn't quite have enough ammo IMO. It's good for sniping too, as its range is fairly long. Also, did I mention any direct hit counts as a critical hit?

Ammo: 10.

Rating: 5/10.

Ice Pea Cannon

This frozen attack is very useful for slowing and freezing. Use like the regular Pea Cannon, but if dealing with a group, try to freeze them all rather than vanquish them one or two at a time, especially if other plants are around to finish off the frozen zombies.

Ammo: 15.

Rating: 7/10.

Pea Silencer

The Agent Pea is really powerful. Good accuracy, a faster-shooting Cactus, just with a bit less zoom (but still good enough to destroy five Zombot Drones in one game of G&G), and its accuracy is very effective against Coffin and Outhouse Zombies, as it's easy(ish) to hit their eyes and vanquish them without destroying their armor!

Ammo: 15.

Rating: 10/10.

Toxic Pea Cannon

OH YEAH I FINALLY GOT THIS GUY!!! And man is he OP. Toxic effects are really useful for maximum crowd-control damage.

Ammo: 12.

Rating: 10/10.

Six Shooter

Eh, it CAN be efffective at close range, but even then you have to hit the enemy with every shot unless they're low on health.

Ammo: 6.

Rating: 5/10.

Full-Auto Pea

Let's see...this is like a better version of the Foot Soldier's weapon, as it always gets a crit hit. I don't think there's any splash though, which is a big problem. If you can hit every shot, you can easily take out multiple zombies with one clip of ammo, so if you have good aim and like rapid-fire weapons, this is for you.

Ammo: 30.

Rating: 9/10.

Berry Blast

Since the nerf, it does very little splash damage, making it useless. Never bother with it.

Ammo: 8.

Rating: 4/10.

Plasmic Disruptor

The charge-up weapons in GW are generally bad, and this is no exception. If you must use it, charge it up between fights and unleash a powerful first strike when you see an enemy. After that though, if the enemy survives, they have a good chance of vanquishing you.

Ammo: 14.

Rating: 5/10.

Fire Pea Cannon

Decent damage, burning, good ammo capacity...but it seems to have a smaller splash radius than most Peashooters. For that reason, I rarely use it, but it is still a good character.

Ammo: 12.

Rating: 8/10.


The three abilities have very different uses, which is what makes the Peashooter such a useful plant for almost all situations.

Chili Bean Bomb

The first ability unlocked for the Peashooter, it's more than just a grenade. It has a very high explosive radius and AI zombies will chase after it (stupid zombies), making it good as a decoy as well as a grenade. 9/10.


Hyper ability lets the Peashooter dash around at high speed, faster than any other plant, and massively increases jump height too. This is great for getting to sniping locations and escaping the action. It can also make you a hard target to hit if you just keep strafing around a zombie. 7/10.

Pea Gatling

Roots you to the ground, meaning you can't move, but gives you a powerful rapid-fire attack that can vanquish full-health All-stars in about two seconds (I should know, I've been on the recieving end of a Pea Gatling attack many times when playing as an All-star). The only problems are the lack of mobility and the lack of crowd-control. This is best used for dealing with stronger zombies (like All-stars, Coffins, Outhouses and Bosses), rather than groups. 8/10.

Sombrero Bean Bomb

Better than the regular Bean Bomb for AI zombies, but the regular is better for fighting players. 8/10.

Super Pea Jump

It slows you down and barely jumps higher than the Hyper Ability. Useless. 2/10.

Retro Gatling

NEVER USE IT, Pea Gatling is much better. 4/10.

Final Verdict

Its abilities and attacks are quite good, but there are flaws with some of the attacks, and most of the alt abilities are useless in competitive modes, so my rating for it is 8/10.