The second blog in my guide to Garden Warfare, this time giving advice on how to use the Foot Soldier effectively.


The Foot Soldiers are very important to the zombies, and like Peashooters, they are very powerful in groups. If they form an army then they will be very formidable, especially if they take turns launching ZPGs. And don't underestimate a lone Foot Soldier either. It's often best to get up high, and you might get several vanquishes on your own before a plant notices you.


There are seven variations (including the basic Foot Soldier), each with their own weapons. I've got all the Foot Soldiers, and most of them are pretty dang good, even the ones that are generally hated have good aspects.

Z-1 Assault Blaster

Rapid-fire but lacking splash, this can be good for taking out strong targets from a distance or up close. Critical hits can mount up quickly if you have good aim, so make sure you try to hit the head.

Ammo: 30.

Rating: 5/10.

Frozen Z-1 Assault Blaster

The frozen version, more ammo and less damage, but very effective freezing. I REALLY like this weapon.

Ammo: 35.

Rating: 8/10.

Golden Gatling

Scratch my previous negativity towards this weapon. If you have the weapon upgrades, it can take out plants VERY quickly, the only real disadvantage being the inaccuracy caused by continuous usage.

Ammo: N/A.

Rating: 7/10.

Danger Zone

It shoots pretty fast, and does more damage than the Golden Gatling, but it needs to reload so often that I can rarely kill plants with this thing.

Ammo: 30.

Rating: 4/10.

Mega Cannon

One of the weapons that's useless without weapon upgrades and super effective with said upgrades. Two direct hits can kill a plant, and the splash can easily take out groups of Potato Mines and Spikeweeds that have been laid out in a Garden. Hang back and provide support fire, don't go into one-on-one combat with it, as that's where it sucks.

Ammo: 1.

Rating: 9/10.

Z-4 Crossbow

Three shots, four with the weapon upgrade, one of the fastest reloads in the game, fires every shot in one volley, has good accuracy and damage...definitely one of the best sniping weapons in the game, but not particularly good for firefights or close combat.

Ammo: 3-4.

Rating: 9/10.

Camo Surprise

Hands down, the best sniping weapon in this entire game. Well, maybe tied with Citrus Cactus's attack. This thing deals a lot of headshot damage and even if you miss the head, the high firing rate and ammo capacity (compared to most sniping weapons) will allow you to take out your enemies quite quickly from a distance. Plus it has great zoom.

Ammo: 18.

Rating: 10/10.


The abilities can be good for crowd control, unlike the main weapon, which balances this zombie's weapon out quite well.

Rocket Jump

Jump high onto rooftops...or escape from burrowing Chompers. The Rocket Jump can be combined with other abilities like the ZPG to make it even more effective. Jump onto a roof, fire a ZPG and then shoot at any survivors. 6/10.


For some reason Chili Bean grenades seem stronger than ZPGs IMO. The only advantage the ZPG has is its longer range. 7/10.

Zombie Stink Cloud

Although it obscures the vision of both plants and zombies, it damages plants too. If you throw it at a garden in Gardens and Graveyards, you can force the plants to flee and when you enter the cloud, they won't be able to see you, giving you a few seconds to help capture the garden. 7/10.

Rocket Leap

The alternative Rocket Jump. It doesn't go as high, but can launch you VERY far forwards. You also get up to two at a time. It can be great for covering long distances or getting away quickly. Also, if you jump and activate this ability in the air, you'll go slightly farther. 8/10.


Better for crowd control, and still has decent firepower for fighting single targets. 9/10.

Super Stink Cloud

Deals decent damage to the plants, so definitely worth using for crowd control, or bringing weakened plants out of hiding. 8/10.

Final Verdict

Features a wide variety of very different characters, most of which are very good for different situations but are also bad in other cases, so the overall rating is 7/10.