The fourth blog in my guide to Garden Warfare's plants and zombies, this time I'm talking about the best zombie, the Engineer!


The Engineer shoots slowly, but does lots of damage and has lots of splash. It seems stronger than Peashooter's attacks, but I'm not sure. What I'm sure of is that it's good at getting Vanquish Streaks and it can build Teleporters to help in G&G. The teleporter building is going to increase the final verdict score by one point, too!


There are seven variations (including the basic Engineer), each with their own weapons, but I've only got the basic Engineer so far, so I can only really give advice on it's basic weapon. When I unlock other variations, I'll include their weapons.

Concrete Launcher

High-damage, crowd control. Thanks to this, I managed to clear out almost the entire Garden in a game of G&G...when we were in Overtime. If I hadn't cleared out the plants, we would have lost due to a Chili Bean grenade that hit right afterwards. Anyway, this weapon is OP.

Ammo: 12. (I think)

Rating: 9/10.


It has some of the BEST abilities. I'm not kidding.

Sonic Boom Grenade

The best anti-Chomper weapon ever, also useful for stunning an entire Garden to give you and other zombies more time to defeat the plants. 8/10.


Fast, long-lasting, great for racing to the Teleporter and building it quickly. Shame you can't use other abilities while on the Jackhammer though, but it's not a huge problem, especially as Chompers can't chomp you while you're on a Jackhammer. 10/10.

Zombot Drone

It's a powerful long-range drone that can bomb Gardens or groups of Plants easily. What more could someone ask for? A bit more health, but meh, it's OP enough as it is. 10/10.

Final Verdict

Epicly good at everything except healing. It can fight, it can help the zombies get to a garden quickly, and IT FIGHTS CHOMPERS EASILY!!! Overall rating is 10/10!