The third blog in my guide to Garden Warfare's plants and zombies, this time I'm talking about the best ever Garden Warfare plant, the Chomper!


Chomper's attacks are melee based, but it has lots of health and its abilties allow it to get close to a zombie easily. When used effectively, it's easy to get Vanquish Streaks of five or more using the Chomper. Just remember to be stealthy, and avoid Engineers, they're your biggest threat.


There are nine variations (including the basic Chomper), each with their own attacks (both chomping type attacks and other short-ranged attacks), so here's my advice on them all.


Well, obviously the Chomper's attack is a chomping attack. You can either bite a zombie to deal small amounts of damage up close, or you can swallow them whole. Get around behind them and use the bite attack to eat them completely, but be careful, as this won't work with bosses and will only destroy the shield of a shielded zombie, and you should not try it on an Engineer which is riding a Jackhammer. On top of that, you'll move very slowly and be unable to attack or use abilties while chewing, which leaves you vulnerable if you're in the middle of a group of zombies.

Rating: 8/10.

Flame Spray

This attack is very useful if you can't eat a zombie whole due to the slightly increased range and it does more damage than the small bites. The fire also leaves a zombie burning for a few seconds, and is ideal for finishing off weakened zombies. That said, it's not always very effective in competitive modes. It's great for Garden Ops though.

Rating: 8/10.

Electric Spray

The Electric Spray is great for crowd control, but it's not so good for fighting strong zombies. A good Garden Ops character definitely, but I prefer the Fire Chomper.

Rating: 6/10.

Vampiric Chomp

Two words: Self healing. A non-healer that can heal themselves? Epic! He is definitely a very effective character, the best plant in the game, because he can survive very long by healing himself with the Vampiric Chomp.

Rating: 10/10.

Hot Rod Chomp

So, without the health upgrade, this character sucks. 100 health for a close combat character is bad, but at least the Scientists could heal themselves, and this one can't. Then you get the health upgrade, and it can actually be useful. Get the speed upgrade too, and it's the fastest character in the game. The speed boost after chomping with this character is great for retreating, but I think the self-healing of a Vampiric Chomp is better.

Rating: 9/10.

Armor Chomp

There's nothing special about the chomp, and the speed for this character is so low that it's nearly a sitting duck. What's the point of high health if you can't actually eat anything?

Rating: 5/10.

Toxic Spray

Okay, I'll admit I generally prefer the Chompers that just have the chomp to the Chompers that have spray attacks. But this is pretty useful. The Toxic Aura is much more useful than it is with Toxic Pea, for the simple reason that you have to get close to harm enemies anyway. The aura is garuanteed to do some damage to enemies and perhaps kill them before you can chomp them. If you're in a group, you might even get vanquishes while underground without actually doing anything. Or you might eat someone and kill a couple of others with your aura. Overall, a GREAT character.

Rating: 9/10.

Cheesy Chomp

Nothing particularly special, but the decreased chewing time is pretty good.

Rating: 9/10.

Swamp Spray

.....The Chomp utterly useless. It has the weakest spray attack, low health, and even if it does auto-heal better, it's got NOTHING compared to Chompula's healing.

Rating: 0/10.


The abilities are good for setting up ambushes or getting close to zombies for an easy chomping.


Burrowing underground can be used for three things:

1: Chasing after a fast zombie, since you move very fast when burrowing, and you can eat a zombie if you get underneath them.

2: Setting up an ambush by staying still and waiting for a zombie to get close.

3: Staying still and simply regenerating back to half health when you're low on health, as you're immune to most attacks while burrowing.

I'd give this a rating of 10/10!


Goop severely slows a zombie, making them move slowly and they will be unable to use abilities. Be careful, they can still attack though! If you goop them while you're behind them, they won't be able to turn around in time to shoot at you, making them an easy target. If you're in front, then burrow after gooping them so they won't attack you. 10/10 again!


Deploying a Spikeweed is good as you can eat a zombie from any direction if they're caught up in its vines. Not only that, but you can hide around a corner waiting for a zombie to walk into your trap and then eat them whole! Or just use the traps to help defend a Garden or a good strategic location on a map. 8/10.

Sprint Burrow

Doesn't go far enough, and the speed makes it difficult to get directly underneath for a chomp. 5/10.

Super Sticky Goop

Hmm...I want to give this a better rating than the regular Goop, but I can't really, since that Goop already has 10/10. Despite the longer cooldown, this is a great improvement on the regular Goop. 11/10.

Spiky Spikeweed

Although you can only deploy two of these at a time, they almost always kill a zombie which gets trapped due to higher damage, without even the need to chomp them. A definite 9/10.

Cheesy Goop

This does a TON of damage. But I still prefer Super Sticky Goop for competitive modes. Cheesy Goop can be great in Garden Ops however. 10/10.


And we get to the most useless Spikeweed. Why? Because it CAN'T BE CAMOUFLAGED. People can see it from a mile away and destroy it before it does anything. You have to be BLIND to run into a Chesterweed! 5/10.

Final Verdict

EPIC close-combat fighter, it's got an 10/10 rating! My fave class! I'm no longer using the averages of ability/character ratings to determine my final verdict, so I can give this the rating I want.