Dr. Zomboss has the wrong health listed everywhere in this Wiki. Due to the fact it takes 32 Jalapenos to kill him in Revenge, it should be listed as 2,500 health because Jalapenos do approximately 80 peas of damage.

I worked this out using a strategy where catapults are dug up immediately and only Jalapenos and Ice-shrooms are used, basically you let the Zombies trigger all except the middle roof cleaner, and leave one Flower Pot in the row, using Ice-shrooms and Jalapenos against the Zombies that 99% of the time appear in the middle row (this doesn't work if one Roof Cleaner was crushed by an Ice or Fireball). Using Jalapenos against Zomboss, I worked out his health in Revenge to within a few hundred health points.

Go here for proof.