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Dr. Zomboss's Health: new proof

I have new proof about Dr. Zomboss's health being less than the Wiki says.

This Video uses only Jalapenos and Ice-shrooms to attack Dr. Zomboss. If you tally the Jalapenos that hit Zomboss, it's 35.

The Ice-shrooms that hit Zomboss are 15.


Add the Ice-shrooms and it's approximately 3,165nds of health, a tiny amount compared to the Wiki's estimation.


1st Degrade

1st degrade is after seven Jalapenos and three Ice-shrooms.


2nd Degrade

2nd degrade is after 17 Jalapenos and seven Ice-shrooms.


3rd Degrade

3rd degrade (explosion) is after 26 Jalapenos and 13 Ice-shrooms.


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