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Disappointing Characters

The new Garden Warfare characters that I've got so far are mostly disappointing. Paleontologist is mediocre, Centurion absolutely SUCKS, Alien Flower is okay, but needs more ammo, and the Chomp Thing...IS THE WORST PLANT IN PVZ HISTORY.

I thought Popcorn was bad, I thought Bonk Choy was bad, I thought the nerfed Berry Shooter and the pre-buffed Mystic Flower was bad...

But the Chomp Thing...


100 health! Same as the Hot Rod Chomper before you get the health upgrade.

The Chomp Thing however, has NO HEALTH UPGRADE.

And it has a weak spray attack with no elemental effects to make it worthwhile.

AND I DON'T EVEN NOTICE ANY DIFFERENCE IN HEALTH REGENERATION EITHER!!! Even if there is a difference, the improved self-healing is absolutely NOTHING compared to Chompula's healing.

And so ends a relatively short rage blog. Why'd I even post this? Then again, why'd I post a blog raging about Dark Ages?

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