Want to win in Brainball? Well, provided no one is hacking or using cheats, these strategies should help you out. I'll discuss each Zombie Wave, some of the nastiest plants and how to beat those plants.

The Plants

Let's go over the more dangerous plants.

Long-ranged Shooters


Aspearaguses (Aspearagi?) do medium-low damage, but their range can be a threat on long paths, especially against weaker zombie types. Stun them and boost fast zombies to get along the path with minimal damage.


Shamrocks are a staple town defense plant, as they are long-ranged AND powerful. In groups, these can easily bring down the toughest of zombies if you don't boost the zombies and stun the Shamrocks. A long path defended by these guys will be VERY hard to beat.

AoE Fighters


Beets, the worst nightmare of anyone until you get Ice Block Zombies. Beetnut combos are common, and very hard to overcome with weaker waves. Stun the Beets and use high-health zombies to get past, but even this isn't foolproof.


Most of the time VIPs aren't much more of a threat than the standard version, but Beetboxers are just LETHAL, dealing double the damage of a Beet. Do yourself a favor and just stay away until you get Ice Blocks.

Bamboo Shoot and Bamboom

In the late-game Beetnuts are replaced with Bamboo-nuts. Quadruple the damage of a Beet, better AoE, longer range but one disadvantage: A very low rate-of-fire. You can often stun a Bamboo Shoot/Bamboom TWICE without letting it get one shot in, meaning that stunning can deal with them easily, as can Mall Cops or Weightlifters to get past the nuts.


Wall-nuts and Hard-nuts

Hard-nuts are BAD BAD BAD NEWS, as they can resist a hit from a Weightlifter's Barbell. Even a Wall-nut can resist a Gas Can Zombie's explosion, but Mall Cops and Gargs can render both useless.

Snow/Flaming Peas

If there's a Snow Pea or Flaming Pea (Or Ice Queen Pea) avoid using a zombie that is weak to that plant, or just keep that plant stunned permanently, because it can cause real problems.

The Zombies

Now for the zombies! If you master them, you can overcome almost any defenses.

Zombie and pals

Zombies: Basic.

The Basic Zombie wave has only one use: For breaking into a house when the flag is a couple of tiles away.

Conehead Zombie and pals

Zombies: Conehead, Basic.

This wave is slightly tougher, and in the early-game a few of these waves with good boosting and stunning can overcome your opponent's defenses, in the late-game, use as a Basic Zombie wave.

Barrel Zombie and pals

Zombies: Barrel, Conehead, Basic.

This wave is suited to long paths, just protect a Barrel Zombie when it's running, as it won't survive long if you don't stun nearby plants. Works well with a Gargantuar Wave when the Imp has planted a flag near the house you're attacking.

Buckethead Zombie and pals

Zombies: Buckethead, Barrel, Conehead.

Use as a reinforced version of a Barrel wave, the Bucketheads provide a nice amount of health in the early-game, but it's not much better than a Barrel wave.

DJ Zom-B and pals

Zombies: DJ, Buckethead, Conehead.

This wave is good for short paths and Beetnuts, as the DJs and Bucketheads take a beating, but all the zombies are quite slow.

Rocket Zombie and pals

Zombies: Rocket, DJ, Barrel.

This is the first really high-speed wave, good for long paths, but be wary of Snow Peas, as they render Rocket Zombies useless. Keep the Snow Peas stunned and boost the Rocket Zombies out of their range and you'll be fine.

Conga Leader and pals

Zombies: Conga line, DJ, Buckethead.

This wave requires some real tactics to use properly. First of all, boost DJs and Bucketheads ahead of Conga Leaders, as the plants will usually target the zombie farthest from the grave. When all you have left are conga lines, you have two options: One is spend your fog on boosting zombies towards a Wall-nut and eating it really fast, another is to do nothing except for collect fog, so you can save up for the next wave.

Football Zombie and pals

Zombies: Footballer, Conga line, DJ.

One of my favorite waves, this has uses even in the late-game. The best way to use this is to boost all the Footballers and DJs, so that they get ahead of Conga Leaders immediately, and that way the Conga Leaders won't be targeted. Footballers are also useful for long paths, due to speed and durability, a combo which only a few zombies have. Be wary of Magnet Plants however, as this wave is rendered very weak in a lot with them.

Ice Block Zombie and pals

Zombies: Ice Block, Footballer, DJ.

This is great for destroying nuts, and rendering Beetnuts and Bamboo-nuts very weak, plus it has those fast Footballers, making it good for covering ground once the nuts are eaten.

Imposter Zombie and pals

Zombies: Imposter, Barrel, Zombie.

Imposters are weak, and this combines them with two zombies that are useless in the late-game. This wave is not worth wasting money on.

Mall Cop Zombie and pals

Zombies: Mall Cop, Rocket, Imposter.

A powerful wave here, perfect for long paths. Rockets can be used as cannon fodder to protect the already durable Mall Cops, and the Mall Cops can then travel far along a path and jump over some nuts for you. Don't do anything with the Imposters.

Weightlifter Zombie and pals

Zombies: Weightlifter, Ice Block, Footballer.

This wave rocks in all aspects. High-health Zombies: Check. Fast Zombie: Check. Damaging Zombies: Check. This is great for destroying nuts AND covering long distances, so use this if there's a long path after a Wall-nut or Hard-nut, but remember to get the grave close to the nut first.

Gas Can Zombie and pals

Zombies: Gas Can, Ice Block, Footballer.

A powerful wave, which can send out high-speed and high-health zombies to protect your Gas Can Zombies. Protect the Gas Cans until they get close to a lot of plants, then let them blow up. Beware of Snow Peas and Ice Queen Peas however.

Gargantuar Zombie and pals

Zombies: Garg, Gas Can, Weightlifter.

Despite all the zombies being slow, this wave can place the flag near the building allowing weak waves to break in. How? Imps. The Imps thrown by a Gargantuar can skip almost the entire path, landing only five spaces away from the targeted building. The Gargantuar is glitchy however. Do not boost it, as this can freeze the Gargantuar, and if it hasn't thrown the Imp yet, it won't while frozen. Sometimes an Imp can get into the house without the need of sending another wave, if you boost the Imp and/or stun any plants that can attack it.

If you have strategies you'd like to add, please feel free to tell me in the comments, and if I like your strategy for Brainball, I'll add it here.