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About the Carp bullying thing

Everyone seems to think Carp did nothing wrong. That he's the victim in all this. That he did nothing to deserve being bullied.

I don't support the people that are bullying him, but Carp brought it on himself. He was a rude obnoxious bully that was almost as bad as MvZ. In case you've all forgotten, Carp is CYPRIND. CYPRIND TREATED EVERYONE LIKE CRAP AND SPAMMED AND VANDALIZED ON THIS WIKI AND PVZCC!!!

Maybe I'm being too hard on him. Maybe that's because Carp constantly harassed me for being a Brony.

That's the only proof I have because the rest of the times he harassed me was on PvZCC chat, both in PMs and publicly.

He got blocked for good reasons multiple times, and unblocked for rubbish reasons each time. He NEEDS to actually be punished. Stop defending him!


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