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100 Levels of the Endless Zones

Well, what can I say, I've reached level 100 in every single Endless Zone. I pretty much used the strategies in my Dead Man's Booty guide, my Pyramid of Doom guide and my Terror from Tomorrow guide. If I still didn't have full Plant Food near the end of the level, I'd keep one zombie alive and stall it with Wall-nuts so I can get enough Plant Food from Power Lilies. That way I could spend as much Plant Food as I wanted each level. Level 100 of DMB was pretty epic with four flags and three planks. Gargs, Imp Cannons and Pirate Captains, oh my! Level 100 of PoD was a pathetic one flag level with no Gargs or even Explorers to make it hard. Level 100 of TfT was a four-flag level with no Gargs. EASY.

NEW UPDATE: Dead Man's Booty level 200! Things are starting to get tough, I'm Blovering Parrots and using Coco Cannons instead of Melon-pults now, for the little extra punch they provide...and I've had to use Power Ups in a couple of levels. Worst case scenario: Four-flag four-plank Garg/Captain/Seagull/Barrel/Cannon combo. ALL those zombies are causing problems for me. Yes, even Barrel Rollers. So, I've taken a break from DMB and I'm going to go for TfT 200...then PoD 200...then either BBB 100 or DMB 300...

ANOTHER NEW UPDATE: I've reached 100 in AC! To celebrate, I'm having another go at BBB, and I'm making an AC Strategy Guide! Unfortunately, I can't really offer any non-prem strategies for AC, it's just too hard for that.

NEWEST UPDATE: Well...BBB level 100 has been beaten by me, finally. I must say, it was harder than AC. Seriously.

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