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  • Milesprower2

    My thoughts on GW2

    April 6, 2016 by Milesprower2

    So I've been playing GW2 for a few days now. I like it, it's fun, I thought I'd make a blog post about it.

    I like him more than I thought I would. He's quite fun to play, the health buff he got doesn't actually make him OP, it's balanced out by his primary weapon being weaker than that of a Foot Soldier, and his abilities aren't too good like I thought they were (seriously I thought Husk Hop was waaay too good since it's an offensive Rocket Leap, but since you only get one use at a time, it's not that OP). He's a fun and quite well-balanced class.

    This guy, I knew I would like. He's got similar firepower to an All-star, but with better accuracy and the option of more mobility. His weapon isn't quite as good as a Football Cannon damage wise, …

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  • Milesprower2

    So, how good is the ending to PvZ2?

    Well, this is multi-lane attacking taken to a new level. It doesn't do much damage, but when powered, it's pretty strong. Keep in mind that its attacks have a fairly wide splash radius that affects adjacent rows, so it's possible for a Dusk Lobber in the middle row to attack zombies in the top and bottom rows via splash damage, and this means that large numbers of Dusk Lobbers, which can be set up for a fairly low cost, can do heavy damage and be quite effective for AoE. If you're willing to use Moonflowers instead of Twins, they could be a viable plant for Endless Zones, especially combined with Winter Melons.

    Their disadvantage? An annoyingly long recharge. I mean, it's not like the recharge on an instan…

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  • Milesprower2

    A five Jalapeno world. This should be interesting.

    Moonflower is an interesting sun producer. It's able to produce as much as a Twin for much less cost, but requires groups to work at full potential. Lose one Moonflower and it will impact on your sun production much more than losing a Twin. The PF effect is underwhelming and means it's not a great replacement for Twins in EZs, but I still like this plant.

    Okay, it's not as bad as I initially thought, I'll give it that.

    I still don't like it much though. It's a cheap attacker but basically useless without Moonflowers, so you are FORCED to use Moonflowers if you want to use Nightshades. If you use them, they can deal a fair bit of damage for a fairly low cost, but the lack of AoE is a serious p…

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  • Milesprower2

    Another top -insert number here- list! So, I don't remember doing this before, so I thought maybe I could talk about the classes in GW from my least favourite to my favourite, while also talking about my favourite variant in each class!

    Plus, GW2's coming out in a couple of months, so maybe I'll do a bunch of GW-related blogs in the next couple of months too.

    The biggest let-down of all the GW classes for me. I'd only had experience sniping before in the Halo series, and I remember loving to snipe my enemies from afar. Enter GW trailers, and I was hyped up for Cactus and hoped it'd be a great class. And while I see people who do really well with it...I don't like it much. It's not as powerful as I hoped, I dislike Drone abilities, and the Po…

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  • Milesprower2

    So, part 2, which many people seem to hate and I've seen compared to Dark Ages.

    Really people? When did you last play Dark Ages, do you remember how bucking hard it was? This thing is a cakewalk in most levels, either that or I just found the perfect strategy for almost every choose-your-seeds level.

    Halfway between Sunny and Twinny, Primal Sunflower is an instant full-grown Sun-shroom, and I honestly doubt I'll be using Sun-shrooms anymore thanks to her. Primal Sunflower is really, really useful for setting up early defences and lots of sun production easily. That said, not very creative, but she is a "Primal" plant.

    Primal Pot Mine is like a faster-charging Cherry Bomb with a slightly longer fuse for a third of the cost. Know how to take ou…

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