Yes, I know people think the area exists. The problem is, there is no proof. All there is to prove it was something PopCap said and (probably) some stuff in the old code for the game. Those are not valid sources in my opinion. A valid source is something along the lines of being non-cut and confirmed/teased or present material. The following is an example:

  • Far Future was proven and an article before its release because of the fact PopCap teased Far Future before the area was released.
  • Zombie Dog (from old PvZ1) is not an article because the only proof of its existence is in the source code. There is no other proof outside of that.

To prevent it from being made, I create-protected the page. That means the only people who can make the article are administrators and/or bureaucrats. Don't expect an admin to make the article for you, as it will either not be made or deleted by another admin.