Hey everyone, I'm deciding to review some of the plants in Adventures, and provide a tip or two about them. First of them all, the Sweet Pea. This delicious new member of our plant arsenal is both low-calorie and sugar-free, but is it a zombie-smashing machine? 



  • 5 Friends/300 Gems to unlock
  • 50 coins to grow, with a one hour wait.
  • 15 Gems per Sweet Pea


  • 5x5 Range
  • 1.5 NDS per Peppermint
  • 1x Speed
  • Average toughnes (6 bites)


The Sweet Pea is best described as an okay plant. With the ability to get this VIP for free after 5 friends, it proves to be useful as an all-around plant and the main VIP to use on Road Trip levels. It can deal with regular zombies and Coneheads if paired up, along with sometimes being able to deal with zombies as tough as Bucketheads with proper ZombiFreeze. Anything tougher than that needs support from another plant to ensure they die with no plant casualties. Its lack of any strength means it's best reserved for lower-end zombies or as an alternative Peashooter. 


  • Only VIP that can be legitly obtained for free.
  • 0 Sun to plant during Road Trip, like other VIPs.
  • Deals equivalent damage to a Snow Pea per peppermint.
  • Cheap to grow.


  • Requires one hour to grow, a long growth for a plant of its strength.
  •  Lacks the power to be useful past U of Z.
  • Can't deal with Coneheads reliably.

Final Verdict

The Sweet Pea may seem like a charmer, but in reality, it's a good plant until U of Z, and from there on, use it for backup if your level goes awry.

When to stop using it? If you have a better VIP. If not, never. Having backup in case of a catastrophe in your battle is necessary, and a freebie is perfect for this role. 

Final rating: 6/10