Okay, so you may not know about the recent ruckus in our house about one of our accounts on the PSN, my brother's akc88. Well, he friended (and was good friends too) a hacker, unexpectedly, and recently, one of my broher's DLCs was locked up. For which game and what DLC it is I refuse to state, he could not play with it, or any part or it. We first thought it was a minor annoyance. A glitch in PSN. We deactivate a nearby PS3 he does not use, but it still registered the DLC as unactivated. Just earlier today, after 2 days of this lockout, my brother was playing with another of his friends, and asked about one of his friends (the unexpected hacker), and he realized the user was a hacker. He warned his "friend" to come clean and admit to hacking or else he'll contact PSN, but the hacker said nothing. After a few messages of this, he had the nerve to contact PSN. It revealed, true to the fact that the hacker did in fact hack my brother's account, and stole the DLC without any precaution. With some help from PSN Staff, the whole mess was straightened up. The hacker was locked out of his account, the PS3, and the DLC he stole.

How does this relate to Wikia?

Replace some things in this story. akc88 with your account. PSN With Wikia. The DLC with Bureaucrat. Does it seem like something a hacker would do, try to steal the Bureaucrat from an Admin? Yes. While regular users do not need to worry much, Admins and B-crats, this story should be a firm warning. On large Wikis like this one, don't expect to be safe. We have low-edits here. They want Admin. They will do whatever they can to get the Admin, and will resort to hacking if they can. 

Hacking. It's out there. It thrives on the word desire. Wether it's Admin or some DLC, there are hackers, they want it free of cost, and will do ANYTHING in their powers to do so. Let this be a firm warning to us all.

How to prevent it?

  • Swap passwords on a regular basis. Hackers have a harder time targeting accounts that change passwords on a regular basis.
    • Don't swap between 2 passwords too. It's very predictable and easier to hack this way.
  • Don't EVER Give away passwords or other personal information. 
  • Think before you friend on PSN and XBL. 
  • Only YOU should be able to access your e-mail. No friends or friends of friends.
  • Not doing any of these will make you a better target to hack.