Because grammar is a constant worry by everyone and recently, the average grammar quality has dropped, I will be creating this blog to see who is the biggest grammar nut, or see who can find the most petty mistakes in sentences.


The award for first prize (most points) is the option to change their font color to any color of your choice.

The point system is arranged as follows:

  • Easy questions: 1 point for each sentence corrected.
  • Medium: 3 points for each sentence corrected.
  • Hard: 5 points for each sentence corrected.

To answer, you must copy-paste the sentence into your comment and correct it. These are to be written as if they are on a regular, non-strategy article. You are limited to answering 3 a Wiki day (one from each category), and if you answer any more than that, all your choices will be nullified, and even if you answer them all right, you will get zero points. After one day, 5 new sentences will be added, as to keep the game rolling.


  1. peashooter shoots peas.(Answered by Minh)
  2. Zombies are. The enemies in PLants vs. Zombies. (Answered by PMan)
  3. The mini-game zombotany has plant-zombie mixes.
  4. The giant Wallnut is as tough as a Tallnut.(Answered by Milesprower2)
  5. Explode-O-Nuts are red Wall-Nuts.
  6. The Cob Cannon is a reusable Cherry.


  1. The Sunflower is coloured yellow. (Answered by Wintermelon43)
  2. The Zombie Yeti is rare is not on the seed selection screen and drops diamonds when killed. (Answered by MVZMW)
  3. Mushroms are not plants. (Answered by Minh)
  4. Spike weed is ignored by most zombies except the Gargantuar and Giga-Gargantuar. (Answered by Milesprower2)
  5. Ths sentence doesn't use no improper grammar. (Answered by Milesprower2)
  6. Of the 32 plants unlocked in Adventure Mode, 8 have upgrades.


  1. Crazy Dave says, "Because I'm CRAZZY"! a lot. (Answered by Minh)
  2. You should never use instant kills to kill lone zombies. (Answered by PMan)
  3. The player may use a Cherry Bomb to kill a huge wave of zombies, but it didn't matter if the defenses are good enough. (answered by MVZMW)
  4. There ain't a reason the player should use Sun-shrooms on day levels instead of Sunflowers. (Answered by Milesprower2)
  5. Garden Warfare will be released on June 30th 2013 as Plants vs. Zombies' sequel.
  6. The Puff-shroom and Sea-shroom are both cheap & free.


  1. Milesprower, PMan, and Minh, 9 points
  2. MeVsZombiesMeWin, 8 pts.
  3. Wintermelon43, 3 points.
  4. Drek, 0 points.