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Custom naming for Staff

We all know staff have a tag saying "Admin," "Chat Moderator," etc. Well, I propose we change them to something more "unique" to the Wiki. I do not have any ideas, but I will take any suggestions if the Wiki agrees Otherwise, and they're aproporiate.

NOTE: If the decided result for 2 or more ranks are the same, then the highest rank will win, and the runner-up on all lower ranks with the same title will be selected instead.


Winter Melon (Suggestor: Wintermelon43)

Gatling Pea (Suggestor: Someone456)

Sunflower (Suggestor: Milesprower2)


Gloom-shroom (Suggestor: Wintermelon43)

Winter Melon (Suggestor: Someone456)


Gatling Pea (Suggestor:Wintermelon43)

Torchwood (Suggestor:Someone456)

Gatling Pea (Suggestor Milesprower2)


Sunflower (Suggestor: Wintermelon43)

Pumpkin (Suggestor: Someone456)

Wal-nut (Suggestor: Milesprower2)


Dr. Zomboss (Suggestor:Wintermelon43) 

Giga-G/gargantuar (Suggestor: Milesprower2)

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