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A perfectly normal image gallery

Except anything but. The photos here were snapped by my phone's screenshot ability after a failed Pinata Party where I KILLED THE LAST IMP, but still lost. Either the oddity of winning and losing at the same time broke the background, or putting the phone to sleep mid-game can cause PvZ2 to act all wonky.

Please note that these pictures are NOT TO BE USED ON MAINSPACE. Sure, one of them has a Grave Buster the size of a building, but these glitches are too plain odd to appear on mainspace articles.

One final thing: I noticed that Dark Ages files DO NOT EXIST in the game thanks to this glitch. It said all sorts of "Missing files:Area_5_World.png" or something like that. If you were about to upload a Dark Ages file proving they exist, you will have a lot of explaining to do.

The solution to this? Simply play a level or reload the game and it will be fine. The levels aren't messed up by it, so it's all cool.

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