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Interview with Plants! - Wall-nut

Meyguhmein October 17, 2012 User blog:Meyguhmein

Let's continue on!

Kirito: Hi there, Wall-nut!

Wall-nut2: Hi!

Kirito: I'm gonna interview with you today!

Wall-nut2: Coolio!

Kirito: So, what do you think of your hard shell?

Wall-nut2: It's very useful! It can block zombies! Plus, it looks cool, too!

Kirito: And how can you roll like a bowling ball in the Mini-games?

Wall-nut2: It's kinda weird though, due to the fact that I'm NOT round like balls. But I guess it's fun.

Kirito: Are you friends with Chomper?

Wall-nut2: Yes, we were one of the best pairs of students back in school.

Kirito: Cool! What games do you like?

Wall-nut2: Oh! Uh...bowling, I guess?

Kirito: Just as I thought. Do you have any kinds of relations with Tall-nut?

Wall-nut2: Um...I think we're just distant relatives, but I think there's something more than that...Like cousins or brothers. Maybe it's just me.

Kirito: Does it really feel like a bit tingling when the zombies chew on you?

Wall-nut2: It really is, just like a slight tickle.

Kirito: Why don't you try to grow taller to block even the Vaulting Zombies?

Wall-nut2: Face it, bro, I'm just too short. It's useless

Kirito: When being at your final degrade, you don't cry, unlike Tall-nut. Why is that?

Wall-nut2: Of that I don't know. He's just a crybaby, I think. I'M MANLIER THAN HIM!

Kirito: *click* Hehe, I just recorded all of that. Gotta send it to Tall-nut now!

Wall-nut2: Wait WHAT? I WAS KIDDING!

Kirito: *tap* Sent. You're so gonna be dead, Wallie!

Wall-nut2: I hate youuu!!!

Kirito: Bye! Hehehe... *runs away*

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