OK, let's continue the series with Sunflower!

Kirito: Hi Sunflower!

Sunflower2: Hiya!

Kirito: This is my second interview with plants!

Sunflower2: OK!

Kirito: So, Sunflower, firstly, how do you produce sun?

Sunflower2: -_- Don't you study Biology?

Kirito: What?

Sunflower2: Nevermind then.

Kirito: Oh..uh, alright. What's your reason to produce Sun?

Sunflower2: *blabbering* My ex likes Sun...*blabbering*

Kirito: What was that?

Sunflower2: *blush* OH NOTHING! NOTHING AT ALL!

Kirito: So what's your reason then?

Sunflower2: Ahem. I like Sun, so I want to see as much Sun as I can.

Kirito: You seem to produce Sun slow...Why is that?

Sunflower2: Are you trying to say that I'm slow and sluggish?

Kirito: What? NO!

Sunflower2: Geez. It's just I'm not the best at it.

Kirito: Do you have any relations?

Sunflower2: YES! I mean...NO! I mean...maybe.

Kirito: So what kind of relations then? Family or...?

Sunflower2: IT'S JUST FRIENDS, OK? I'm just friends with Twin Sunflower and Sun-shroom!

Kirito: You do realize that there are people here?

Sunflower2: SO WHAT???

Kirito: Ouch. Bye then! *runs away*

Sunflower2: Get lost!

Kirito: Sunflower is such a tsundere...